Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blame It On Tim Burton and Johnny Depp!

Now I can't get the song out of my head. And at times I can be heard humming whatever song from the movie my mind can think of.

I am talking about Sweeney Todd. Kudos to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Now everybody near me will have to bear listening to my hums until I am totally over it.

Write a review? Maybe later.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Final Words

If I die tomorrow
what would you say to me today?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Miss Hazy Dazy Blur Bimbo Butterflower

Someone called me a name that is almost an equivalent of the word "Bimbo". Stupid. Shallow. Hazy dazy. Blur. Clueless. Those sort of things... You get the idea.

That "someone" is the GF. Ex-GF now. Well, that means she hates me. She pretended to be nice to me when in fact she was only being "nice". Obviously.

That made my *lalala...* hates her even more. Yay! Bonus point for me. (^_^)

I admit that I AM the hazy dazy type of girl. I always answer questions with a one syllabus question (I don't think it can be called a word): Huh? And sometimes followed by "What?" or just "Whaa..?" (with a silent T).

So, yeah, the word is acceptable to be used to describe me. But ONLY IF you know me. I mean personally know me. Or quite personally. In short, you can call me that only if I allow you to. And dear Ex-GF, I don't allow you to do so.

My *lalala...* was sweet enough to be my knight in the shining armor protecting me, the damsel in distress, from the name-caller. All when he already knew just how blur and stupid I could be. And I am often blur, I could say "Blur" is my middle name. Thank you, you are my hero!

So if you really want to call me that without being hated by my *lalala...* you need to be:
  1. my close/pretty close contact
  2. not his ex-GF with some negative feelings left from the bitter end of a relationship
  3. and even if you don't fulfill the #2 requirement you can still do so if I let you to (refer to #1)

Happy name-calling!