Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cotton Candy Cloud

"He said he is falling for you."

What else can be sweeter than that? Especially when it came from the ex-girlfriend who called you a bl**p once. Because we were into the same guy. (She won. Well, that's another story.)

Oh. Maybe there is one.

"Why don't you just be his girlfriend?"

Yeah. From the ex-girlfriend herself.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Odd Jobs

I'm working on yet another odd job. I need money to pay for my meals. Plus some other stuff.

This morning MJ woke me up from my four-hour sleep with a question: Do I want a job giving out flyers and get paid for it? Sure! I'm broke. I'll do practically everything for some bucks. So I took a shower, went to the girl who was supposed to do that job (yeah, I'm a replacement) and before I fully gain my senses back I was there on the road giving out the purple coloured papers to other students. And I wore purple coloured T-shirt too.

Well, this is not the first time I do odd jobs to supplement my pocket money. I can't boast myself for having some experiences working in F & B fields or sales departments. Working part time while I'm here in the College would mean wasting more money than what I can really gain. Who would want to pay some twenty to forty bucks for a four bucks per hour job everyday?

My job experiences as a student includes:
  • Selling some stuff from catalogue in school
  • Working as a dish washer at my Dad's restaurant after school
  • Selling prepaid coupons in the Pre-U College
  • Selling prepaid coupons in College but someone stole my money (first year in College)
  • Co-writing a storyline for a friend but he was cheated so we didn't get any money for that *sob*
  • Helping some friends selling stuff at their food stall (second year)
  • Updating a web portal and working on the PCs in the lab
  • Keeping the key of a car and get some 10% of the rental fees (third year)
  • Selling some T-shirts
  • Selling food from room to room, block to block almost everyday for some bucks (fourth year)
  • Promoting prepaid mobile starter packs (in purple T-shirt)

Only one really fits the description of a "job". That was when I was working on the web portal and PCs. I went to work from nine to five (and sometimes more) for some three and a half bucks per hour, paid three and a half bucks per day for the room and some few more bucks per meal, twice per day and only got half of the paycheck. It was a bl**ping sad story.

Well, I'll do anything for money. No. Almost anything.

And two more days to go as a girl in the purple T-shirt.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I am becoming more and more like the person I hate. Person? Persons? I don't know that anymore. I don't know myself anymore.

I hate myself for that. Hate? I LOATHE my bl**ping self for that. Here's what I think is happening:

For every minute I spend hating someone, I am actually wasting myself slowly absorbing the toxic essences of him/her, making me turning slowly into that person. And it is exactly like the toxics in the air that I breathe and the water that is the key to my survival. Like the unnatural chemical contents in the food I eat. They are eating me slowly without me realising it. Like a cancer slowly growing from some nano particle into a tennis-ball sized tumour or growth that I only realised when it is too late. Way too late.

It might seems like illogical to most people. But that's the only reasonable thoughts I could think of as I pondered over this thing.

Slowly absorbing the poisonous essences of the others - the qualities I hate in them - I am poisoning my own self. As if I don't have enough of my own poisons to kill me from the inside.

This is not just a teenage movie complex like in the Mean Girls. It happened and is still happening to me. Unfortunately I don't have the script in my life's movie that tells me when the scene of the main character realising that she was wrong redeem her life by changing back into her old self and win the charming guy in the movie. No director to yell "Cut!" and no clapboard to end the bad scene when I'm tired of playing it.

Did I try hard enough to stop this thing from happening? Maybe not hard enough. In fact I just snapped at the person who tried hard to drag me out of the mess. I guess it is like I just threw the life jacket away when someone tried to save me from drowning. And I can't swim!

I'm turning into my own enemy. How ironic is life?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Religious Artifact?

# Veteran Says:
January 6th, 2008 at 8:40 pm

Sunshine Says:

Holy Shit!!……

Ummm, what type of religious artifact is that?

I was reading my once favourite blog, Waiter Rant. Well, I guess it still is! I abandoned my addiction to it when the Waiter quit his crappy job and concentrated on his book. Things were pretty boring when he was not in the kitchen. Well, he's back! I don't know when he started to jump into the wagon of waiting again, so I guess that means more digging to do! Yay!

As usual I read the comment section. And as usual he get lots of hits and people always praise him for his good posts and some are sharing their own pieces. Then I came across the comment. I thought it was an original, I just have to put it here.

It's good to know that he's back in the business. This time as a new guy. It seemed like the place is better than the last time he became the new guy at the other place (and so he quit the job and I quit reading the blog).


To AKAB, thanks for indirectly reminding me that sometimes even you have the writer's block. Maybe it's just that time of the year. I couldn't write about anything now. I found some interesting stuff and wrote only a tiny bit of them and now they are resting in the Draft section. And those that managed to rise to the surface and get published are the crappy short entries. So I decided to take it easy and write only when I feel like I can do it.

Note to AKAB: I think you should take a break too. Read Waiter Rant. The world is not just about you, you and you only. There are also the Yuppies.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have this idea going on in my head for the past few days. Well, it actually managed to resurface out of the clutters in my mind since i stashed it away a couple of months ago. Now the idea keeps on popping out of nowhere, displaying the rough sketches of what might possibly be done.

I am going to start working on it probably in a short while. It will be my FTP (free time project) for now. Well, it's not like I really have tons of free time this semester, so the progress will be very slow. Very, very slow.

For the time being I will have it referred to as TMPP. I have started some search on finding the best Wiki hosting service. If I couldn't find anything I guess I'll just stick with WetPaint. I was thinking of JotSpot, but it is currently closed for new registration when Google acquired it. I hope it will be opened A.S.A.P so I can take a look at what it can offer me.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Money Money Money!

Oh, Lord! Forgive me for I have sinned. For I have sold my soul for money.

Yeah! I am going to get the Tune Card and Nate offered to pay the deposit for me. Fifty bucks. Fifty free bucks I must say. I did insist on paying, since I only wanted to find someone who could do fund transfer so I can skip the hassle of going to the bank or post office to pay.

Now I have found someone to do the payment for me, it is just a matter of time before I pick the card up at the post office. Hello Visa. And PayPal, wait for me!

Oh... First I'll need to wait for my ID before I can proceed.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1 Year Old

Happy New Year to all... My baby is now one year old.

Let's look at what the blog has been in its first year of life. Hmm... I took blogging as a hobby. The main reason it exists is because Queenie thought it would be fun. We both wrote together. And I thought I was going to quit soon after my first post.

Someone commented about my baby being too shallow, filled with all the crappy dramas of my *lalala...* and so I quit writing about it for a while.

I was also assigned as a contributor for My Endless Story. A wiki site. It was somewhat funny. The owner actually quit managing the page not long after she published it. Maybe I was the only one who actually check on it once in a while. It was a total flop. Probably she had the "posting fever" hitting her when she started the whole thing. Maybe it was some kind of peer pressure, seeing people around her owning and managing blogs and posting interesting stuff for people to see.

I don't write much on breaks. Life is pretty much boring when you are not in the school/school-like environment. I practically fill my time at home sleeping. That is one very strong reason why I don't write much on breaks.

I still have some drafts in my posting list. I don't know when I can have all of them posted. But I don't find it necessary. There are tons of new things waiting. Who cares about the past?

Oh. And now I am announcing the arrival of my other baby. Not in English, not filled with stories of my *lalala...* and not pink. And not a Blogspot. Already filled with occasional posts. Usually written when I find things annoying. It is still evolving.