Monday, January 21, 2008

Odd Jobs

I'm working on yet another odd job. I need money to pay for my meals. Plus some other stuff.

This morning MJ woke me up from my four-hour sleep with a question: Do I want a job giving out flyers and get paid for it? Sure! I'm broke. I'll do practically everything for some bucks. So I took a shower, went to the girl who was supposed to do that job (yeah, I'm a replacement) and before I fully gain my senses back I was there on the road giving out the purple coloured papers to other students. And I wore purple coloured T-shirt too.

Well, this is not the first time I do odd jobs to supplement my pocket money. I can't boast myself for having some experiences working in F & B fields or sales departments. Working part time while I'm here in the College would mean wasting more money than what I can really gain. Who would want to pay some twenty to forty bucks for a four bucks per hour job everyday?

My job experiences as a student includes:
  • Selling some stuff from catalogue in school
  • Working as a dish washer at my Dad's restaurant after school
  • Selling prepaid coupons in the Pre-U College
  • Selling prepaid coupons in College but someone stole my money (first year in College)
  • Co-writing a storyline for a friend but he was cheated so we didn't get any money for that *sob*
  • Helping some friends selling stuff at their food stall (second year)
  • Updating a web portal and working on the PCs in the lab
  • Keeping the key of a car and get some 10% of the rental fees (third year)
  • Selling some T-shirts
  • Selling food from room to room, block to block almost everyday for some bucks (fourth year)
  • Promoting prepaid mobile starter packs (in purple T-shirt)

Only one really fits the description of a "job". That was when I was working on the web portal and PCs. I went to work from nine to five (and sometimes more) for some three and a half bucks per hour, paid three and a half bucks per day for the room and some few more bucks per meal, twice per day and only got half of the paycheck. It was a bl**ping sad story.

Well, I'll do anything for money. No. Almost anything.

And two more days to go as a girl in the purple T-shirt.

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