Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I was late for class. But some people went in a few minutes later than me. Can I say that I am lucky?

The class was bl**ping boring. He already finished his lectures last month! What else does he want in the class? Other than keeping track of our projects' progress. And having one on Tuesday and another one on Wednesday until the end of the semester? Reporting on how much we have progressed from yesterday? Dude, what was that?

Anyway, he wasted our time talking about how billionaires are made. (Almost) overnight success of YouTube and some other companies. Hey, are we learning Multimedia Application Development here or what? He didn't even teach us the very basics of the tools we are supposed to use in developing our projects! And he only talks about businesses for as long as I can remember (I previously took two different classes with him, Web Application Development and Business and Entrepreneur Development and I failed my WAD).

Whatever. He mentioned something about Microsoft. How Microsoft is easily identified with computer. And how Apple is not similarly recognised by the majority of people here. Microsoft equals to computer. Computer equals to Microsoft.

His words on Microsoft and Apple reminded me of one person and one person only. AKAB. And one word. Tembam. OK, make that two. Chubby. Wait. Three. My mind automatically generated his expected response. Pipit. I even dropped my phone accidentally while I was trying to finish my Sudoku game and listening to what he was checking on my phone every now and then for reply. Talk about multitasking.

I was very relieved when the class ended. Heck. Who would want to stay in that class for more than half an hour? It was a total waste of time. Now I'm back in my room wasting time in my own way. What a bliss.

Hell Yeah!

Hell yeah! SDN is up and running again.

I was totally in the dark when I logged on to the Internet a few days ago to read SDN and found the black blank page. I was about to rant about it but I had no time for blogs lately, I had to keep the thought away. And my friends who also read SDN said that AKAB posted something on blogging and Ramadan. What was that again? Not writing for the whole month? Or what?

Whatever. But does he have to delete the whole archive? Dude, at least leave me something to read! I always missed reading the old stuff just because I had little time to spend on blogs of any kind at times. I need to spend my time on my studies (yeah, right!) and I go out a lot lately (so true, so stop it!) and I still couldn't find the right time to do the laundry. *sigh*

Hell. SDN is back. That should be enough. I can get some dose of whatever Hell is offering.

Now, why am I using the word "Hell" so much? Hmm...


My *lalala...* equals to Charlie. Is it that obvious?

Everybody keep on pinning the identity of my *lalala...* to this poor guy named Charlie. Simply because I "look really happy" when I am with him.

I wonder which part of any of my posts ever mentioned that I laugh and smile a lot when I am with my *lalala...*. All I can remember is I never spend a few hours with him without shedding any tears.

And yet, people claimed to see me in my happiest state when I am with Charlie. So Charlie is my *lalala...*.

I miss those days when we can simply claim "Yeah, we're a couple now," and laugh about it. Now those words will only lead to more "evident" of the secrecy of our real relationship. And it will surely cause us more trouble. Especially me. I don't need a raging girlfriend attacking me, bombarding me with tons of accusations and foul words. No thanks. I've had enough.

Yoshi mentioned about how happy I was walking with Charlie at the bazaar in the College, I practically ignored the existence of other people, especially him (Yoshi). Really? Now, how happy was I? I would love to know. Because I think Charlie is feeling the opposite. Like I would rather spend my time with someone else and not him.

Mom is also sniffing around for some gossips of her mysterious daughter. I have been keeping a lot of secrets from her, especially anything to do with my friends and my love life. I go out with guys more often than girls. And Mom is trying to figure out who my real boyfriend is. And Mom is putting her bet on Charlie. I think simply because she had seen him once. Seeing my friends from afar once is actually a rare case. Most of my friends are just some "friends" without any name or face. Just "friends". And catching a glimpse of Charlie from across the busy road looks like victory to Mom.

Sorry, Mom. I don't have one (officially) right now. You will have to wait longer before I will bring one home and introduce him to you.

For the time being I will let the mystery of *lalala...* remain unanswered. The time will come when the secret will reveal itself without me telling anything to anyone.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

I Love You

I would give you everything
just so you would listen to me
when I say I love you
but I don't expect you
to return the same three words to me
when your heart is empty.