Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Click click click

What am I doing here typing this post? I thought I said I'm busy with the project? Then why the heck am I spending some time writing this post?

I'm in the library right now. Will be closed in half an hour or so. I'm gonna get out before the PA system announces the closing time. Let's hope I won't forget my card reader and SD card today. I lost my thumb drive the last time I became the last person to leave the computer lab.

I'm searching for tutorials on pop-up windows and passing data. Whew... I never thought it will take THIS lot of time. Well, I'm just gonna grab whatever thing I can find and analyse them later. So...

Click click click...

Under Pressure

I have like a to make sure that my current project is working. I still have two feature sets to complete. The problem is, those two are the CORE of my project.


I'm working hard (enough) these few days. But it seems like things are going against me, pushing me further and further away from my goal.

Everytime I have that rare burst of energy to do whatever it takes to complete what I have left, the sleep fairy surely gets a way to sprinkle some sleepy dust on me.


But I have no problem staying awake when I don't feel like doing anything related to the project.

Oh, I also have my thesis half done. Need to squeeze that in between writing lines and lines of codes, testing and debugging and those head-scratching moments.

And I need to sweep the floor often too. My hair is everywhere. Especially on the floor.

Time to roll up the invisible sleeves and get back to work.

p( '_' )q

Thursday, October 9, 2008


A few days ago I heard a friend of my Roomies asked: What is xoxo? And the Roomie she was talking to said: hugs and kisses. The kid said X is kiss, so it stands for hugs and kisses, I guess. The Friend: Oh...

Yup. Ten points for the Roomie. But that's not why I'm writing this post.

I'm writing because The Friend pronounced XOXO as xoxo... Like 'so-so' instead of 'ex-oh-ex-oh'.

I am mean for pretending like I didn't hear the whole thing, and the whole time trying to keep my grin from escaping. I am bad.

I know I'm bad. I know I'm not supposed to laugh or grin or anything when the person asking the funny question truly don't know what the thing is. That the point of asking the first place.

I was stupid like that too, not knowing what XOXO or XXX was. I only knew that it was something some people put under their signature in a letter or a card. And that's it. No particular meaning, only something fancy. Yes, I was stupid. But I took the safe way and pronounced it the way it is spelled. All capitals. Individual letters.

She made it sounds weird. Poor girl. Then again, I don't really like her. So I don't feel sorry for her.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Love

What do you get when you cross one thing you have always loved with something you fell for recently? A new love!

I'm not talking about my *lalala*. No one will ever replace him in the nearest future.

I'm talking about J-Rocks.

I love J-Rock. So what's new about that?

Notice the letter S after the K? Nope. Not a typo.

J-Rocks is a band from Indonesia. I accidentally discovered the band's existence when I mistakenly downloaded a video clip I thought was from L'Arc~en~Ciel (my fav!!!)

Well, the video clip was heavily influenced by Laruku. The song, the video. Heck. The singer sounded a lot like Hyde!

I decided to do some research on the band. And also downloaded the albums. Sorry guys. Even if I want to get the original stuff your albums are not available here. Then again, I love being a pirate. Well, the clip I watched was from the first album. They lost the Laruku sound in the second album, but still, very Japanese Rock (J-Rock).

So, will I trade Laruku's place with J-Rocks? No way! Laruku is still the best. Yeah!!!

I couldn't get my dose of Laruku's songs. I just realised that a lot of their songs are lost and/or corrupted when I tried transferring them from the SD card to the PC back to the SD card. (!_!)

But J-Rocks' are pretty cool. They do sound a lot like Laruku (I'm talking about the first album. But the second is cool too) and from another point better than Laruku. At least I don't have to Google for the lyrics' translations to understand what the song is about... Then again, maybe one. There's one song in Japanese in the first album.

Never mind. I think I just found the very same song in Indonesian.