Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Under Pressure

I have like a to make sure that my current project is working. I still have two feature sets to complete. The problem is, those two are the CORE of my project.


I'm working hard (enough) these few days. But it seems like things are going against me, pushing me further and further away from my goal.

Everytime I have that rare burst of energy to do whatever it takes to complete what I have left, the sleep fairy surely gets a way to sprinkle some sleepy dust on me.


But I have no problem staying awake when I don't feel like doing anything related to the project.

Oh, I also have my thesis half done. Need to squeeze that in between writing lines and lines of codes, testing and debugging and those head-scratching moments.

And I need to sweep the floor often too. My hair is everywhere. Especially on the floor.

Time to roll up the invisible sleeves and get back to work.

p( '_' )q

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