Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stupid Acts - Part 3

Guess now.

Guess what?

Shark really is stupid when he bought the recipe.

I have nothing against his action of buying the recipe for such a high price. He told me, "It's not about wasting the money, it's about winning the heart." I had to agree with him with that. Poor rich desperado.

Buying something plain for such a high price for some reason, and people will forgive you. But wasting it on someone who doesn't have a clue on what is going on is really a waste.

I am not blaming Nina for not appreciating what he is doing to win her heart. If it was not a request from Nina, I don't think Shark will spend a huge amount of money on that ojingeo deopbap. I doubt that he will spend the same amount, or perhaps even a fraction of of it, for someone he doesn't have any interest in.

A few days after the long lectures of "the recipe is a total waste," the real thing hit him really hard on the head. He told Nina that he had learned how to cook the ojingeo deopbap that she wished to have, and he also had the recipe tested, just so he can cook a better meal for her later. Yup. He cooked for her.

It later turned out that the "Nina" who was asking for the ojingeo deopbap was not really Nina. Someone else was using her notebook at the moment, and she played around, thinking that it was funny. Duh! You don't mess around with people you don't know, pretending to be the person that person really want to talk to, especially when it involves the hearts. Especially when that person is expecting a positive response for what he did for the person he likes.

Huhu~ I think I'm going way overboard with this.

Anyway, for Shark to spend his money for something Nina didn't request, but was actually requested by someone else, and not being serious about it. Some 400 bucks was burnt for nothing. The moment I heard about it, I really wished that he would give me a huge plush doggy, or a teddy, or something.

He sounded tortured enough by the fact, giving him more mental torture won't give me any pleasure anymore. Somehow I pitied him.

I don't know what Nina really say about the incident. And I don't know whether Nina wanted to give the ojingeo deopbap a try, after what happened. But I asked him to cook some for me. I hope that made him feel a bit better. At least someone is willing to eat some Korean "sambal sotong" he made.

Lessons learned - never buy a recipe that costs so much. And make sure that the person requesting is really the person you expect a positive respond from and not some impostor. And the money wasted is better spent on a huge plush doggy for me. Grr...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Stupid Acts - Part 2

How stupid is stupid?

How stupid will a guy become to win a girl's heart?

Well, Shark has done what I can say as the most stupidest thing to pave a way to Nina's heart. Note that I am using the extreme superlative (the phrase most stupidest doesn't exist, I use it only to emphasize on how stupidity can go beyond what is considered as a normal superlative).

So, how stupid is this Shark guy?

He got his mind working backwards by not using what is considered a must-know of the technology/digital world that there is even a word coined from the act of using it (and people are using it excessively!) - the big blue G. Give applause to... *drum roll* ...Google.

He searched for a recipe - ojingeo deopbap. He said Nina requested for the meal, but she gave him the wrong spelling. He wasted a couple of hours searching for something that doesn't exist. His last resort - a tourism website (or something similar) offering a list of Korean food and the recipes. Out of desperation, he jumped into the silliness of buying the recipe without even giving a thought of searching for free recipes based on the name he found on the website. A few clicks later some USD 119 disappeared from his possession.

Ojingeo deopbap - stir fry calamari on rice. Or in his own words - "sambal sotong" (calamari in chilli paste). He seemed to regret his own action of buying the simple recipe, expecting it to be something grand, but turned out to be something so simple and not-so-fancy. He refused to reveal the actual price the first time I asked him.

Later he asked me how much does USD 119 actually costs. My rough calculation converted the value to be around 400 plus bucks local currency. God! This guy is really crazy! Only when I asked again he admitted feeling stupid for paying such a high price for the recipe, when a friend of him (one of my Seniors) found the recipe for free. He lied to Nina saying that it only costs him some USD 30. Urghh!!! That's still a huge amount of money for a recipe!

Later I managed to find the stupid recipe myself, just to satisfy the curiosity I had over this ojingeo deopbap thingy. I mean, what made it so expensive? I found some sites and blogs with pictures. It does look like some "sambal sotong" to me. I dropped Shark a huge chunk of rock, crushing him terribly when I copied the recipe I found (for free, of course!) and gave it to him.

His first reaction was a scream. In capital letters.

Our whole chat session was filled with babbling from Yours Truly, mentioning about how he had wasted a huge amount of money when he could have just get it for free and how he could actually spend the money for something more useful like a real Korean food treat at a real Korean restaurant. Or a big teddy bear. Or some jewellery. Or lots of chocolates. Or a phone call that lasts for hours. Well, the list is what I could think of of 400 bucks gift for a girl. OK, actually this is the list of what I wish I could have, if Shark really wish to waste some 400 bucks on a girl, and if the girl is actually me. Haha :P

It was a good session. Mental torture is proven to be a good way to unwind, especially when you are the torturer. Haha... I really wished I could brainwash this stupid guy. Yes, he has the money to buy that stupid recipe, but he could have spent them better on something else instead of that stupid thing!

Lessons learned - never spend too much on a recipe. Or buy that stupid thing anyway, but keep the facts away from me.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stupid Acts - Part 1

A guy friend of mine did a very stupid thing. Lets just call him Shark. He is in the process of courting this girl, Nina, a friend of mine. She keeps on rejecting him. I just wish she wouldn't keep on doing it. From my point of view, she is the type of girl who has her pride so high, she'll deny her own feelings just so she wouldn't feel embarrassed.

Nina already lost someone she really liked (my friend, Peter) to another friend of ours (my dear friend MJ). And Peter really liked her too! No, it's not MJ's fault. Peter waited for Nina for some time, and I can tell that it was long enough before he finally gave up and decided to be with MJ. Nina let out a bad storm when she knew about this. And that happened when she already had a boyfriend and she rejected Peter many times!

What I really wish I could say to Nina is I hope she will understand (sooner, rather than later) that if she keeps on denying her feelings and hopes that the person whom she really likes will wait for her forever, she is totally wrong. Sooner or later he will feel tired and he will give up. And usually when it happens, that is when she will let her ego down and will find herself broken once more because the guy has already found someone else.

Back to the story of Shark. He tried very hard to get her. I don't really know what really happened between them right now. Heck. I don't even know when they actually get to know each other and be in touch!

A short explanation of Yours Truly - Nina - MJ - Peter - Shark thing. Yours Truly and Nina were in the same lecture class in Pre-U College. Nina was very close to another friend, MJ's roommate during the first year. Yours Truly and MJ are classmates, and fate brought us together, only to know that we are linked in a lot of ways. Yours Truly and Nina were friends of Peter (back then when MJ didn't know Peter) and Nina and Peter had a crush on each other but Nina went out with another guy and left Peter waiting. Nina tried to pair up Yours Truly and Peter, but it didn't work. Yours Truly also had a crush on Peter (because he was being really nice, especially when I was dealing with a terrible break-up with Ex #1), but nothing really happened when we (Yours Truly and Peter) had this two-week trial period. Nina and Peter remained friends until Peter suddenly decided that he should just move on, so he chose to be with MJ (I still don't know how it actually happened. Even they don't know how it happened!) Nina was bl**ping shocked to learn that she lost Peter to MJ and so she avoided them for quite some time. She was sort of OK with MJ now, but she still holds some sort of something against Peter. Anger? I don't know.

Yours Truly and MJ are connected to Shark through some seniors of ours. We met when one of the seniors brought us to a beach. Nina was not in this circle until I we don't know when. Shark contacts us (Yours Truly and MJ) every now and then. Last week I found out that Shark also contacts Nina on a regular basis. That's weird since we don't know anything about them. Especially when Nina avoided us because of what happened between her, MJ and Peter. We assumed that they met at the Convocation when Shark went to the event to accompany our seniors.

Anyway, things are not really easy between Shark and us, the girls. The Senior who brought us to the beach liked Yours Truly very much (and according to Shark, he is still waiting until this post is written). But Yours Truly was freaked out by his mindless acts (up to the point of being a stalker who came to my house and talked with my Dad, and Dad made me see him. Yuck!) and Shark was the one who tried hard to help him. I usually let my guard down a bit after Shark assured me that nothing bad will happen to me. And Shark was very close to MJ from the day at the beach. He said he liked her. MJ and Peter never talk to each other at that time.

Recently Shark confessed that he actually liked Yours Truly and liking MJ was only an excuse he made because he didn't want to ruin the friendship between him and the Senior. He is a nice guy and Yours Truly have always fallen for the comfort he offers. But we decided to flirt only. No serious relationship other than friendship, because I am still attached to my *lalala...* and he respects that. And that is when he said something about being close to Nina. And that's the first time I have ever heard that from anyone. I thought I missed the news at some point, so I checked with the people I know but nobody knows anything. And both Nina and Shark weren't going to say anything about it.

I discussed about this Shark and Nina thing with MJ, since we are friends with them both. We especially know that Nina always deny her feelings until it is too late. Come on, Shark is clearly interested in her. I wish she would just accept him before it is too late. Yours Truly and Shark? We are flirting, of course, and everytime I asked about Nina he would say that Nina is refusing him, he would probably back off and move on. He still respects my relationship with my *lalala...*, and he is also not going to ruin his friendship with that particular Senior. He also assured me that nothing is going on between him and Nina, so we can just flirt like what we are doing now.

Nothing is wrong about this flirting thing, right? Well, wrong! If Nina is actually liking Shark, but waiting for something to make it really happen, I'll get totally fried if she discovered later that Shark and Yours Truly are having this silly kind of relationship, and especially if we are oing to have something serious afterwards. That will spell a total disaster.

I don't want to ruin my friendship with Nina with a stupid move like this, like what happened between her and MJ and Peter. But if anything were to happen between me and Shark, I hope that she won't hold any grudges against us. I don't want to be remembered as a backstabber who stole her guy.

Me and my *lalala...*? I still loves him, but I am trying to let things go so that when the time comes I won't be crying so badly like I did before. I want to be prepared for that. He is letting me go too, but at the same time he wished to keep me by his side. He would let me go if I choose to be with another guy, but I am not leaving him for another guy, especially now. It's a really complicated relationship.

Me and Shark? We are flirting, but no serious relationship for the time being. He said he will be with me when I need him, and he will make me smile. Something made me ask him a question.

"If I say I like you, will you wait for me?"

And he answered:

"I will, if you want me to."

It was a silly question. And I don't want to give him any kind of hope, waiting on empty/false promises when he deserves better. I didn't ask him to wait for me, and I don't know if he is going to wait for me. But he made me comfortable when he said that he will be with me if someday I come to him crying and I need some kind of comfort.

Another thing that made me feel glad is when he said that between girlfriend and friends, he will choose his friends. I don't know if it was just a false hope, but it would be good if I really can rely on him when I need a strong shoulder to lean on, even if he already has a girlfriend at that time.

My relationship with my *lalala...* now depends on how much he needs me. Maybe I'll leave him when he no longer needs me. And when I can leave him with someone, knowing that the person will take good care of him. I personally don't want to think of anything related to the idea of leaving him, but our relationship is getting to the edge where he might leave me for the GF, or for some other girls without me being ready to accept his decision well.


I can only hope that none of us are going to make stupid acts that will ruin this whole relationship/friendship thing. It is already complicated now, and I hope that it won't get any worse. I guess we'll have to leave that to the Power That Be.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Not That Simple

I accidentally activated my Caller Ringtones service that will charge me 3 bucks per month for some tones I really don't need. I don't need to entertain my callers with fancy tones. Nobody has ever complained about the boring 'toot-toot' sound so far. So why should I change now?

Anyway, I went back to my room and borrowed Queenie's notebook to access the Internet. I was expecting some kind of help or FAQs on the website explaining on how to deactivate the service. I always hated the slow-loading fully flash format of the website, especially with the slow Internet connection we are experiencing here in the College.

Clicking on the Caller Ringtones link redirected me to the Music Unlimited site, a site that is dedicated to music and music-related contents where you can subscribe to services and buy tones from the provider. The site will only show you how to subscribe, but not on how to unsubscribe. Yikes! That's bl**ping awful for a reputable service provider like this one.

I searched in every nook and cranny (if you can call the actions of clicking on every logical links I can think of as searching) but couldn't find any. Even the FAQs are useless. Mind you, I have tried the site dedicated for the Prepaid service, and I hava also tried the Main site.

Contacting my Brother is also useless. I thought he did subscribe to the service once, only to unsubscribe it later because he wondered on how his credits balance drained so quickly every month. Duh!

Anyway, I finally managed to unsubscribe the service thanks to my silly brain finally managed to think clearly and the guts of trying my luck with the Easy Menu function (that is not actually really easy because I have to go forth and back between menus to get into the right one). And I even have to use shortcuts (I gambled on the correct codes) just to shorten the whole key in number-wait for the next menu-key in another number-wait for the next menu-key in yet another number process.

I haven't figured out whether the service I had accidentally activated has really been activated before I finally get it deactivated, thus I don't know whether the provider has deducted the 3 bucks from my account or not. But at least now I know that I don't have to pay some 3 bucks per month without any reasons.

Now I need to figure out how to get my GPRS/MMS to function correctly.

P/s - The FAQs are bl**ping craps with only some of the sections updated properly, causing troubles and confusions in understanding what the provider really offers. The whole site is crappy. It's not helping at all.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No More?

Queenie said that she is no longer interested in writing blog(s). I guess many others have jump off the wagon too. Or maybe they just pull over for a short rest. I hope everybody will start on writing again this sem. Life as a student is pretty interesting, especially if you're on the watcher's side.

Me? I'll keep on writing until I don't have anything to write about. But things have been interesting lately, so I guess I won't stop early.

P/s - If any of you think that this blog is no longer interesting, drop me a comment or shout at the box so I'll know.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A New Start?

The new semester has just begun. The term started on July 9, but my class only started today, that is, if you can really call it 'started'. My solely registered class for this semester is an elective subject. I can choose one out of the five three elective subjects. And I chose to be in the class of the lecturer I don't like. The one who failed me in a 3-credit subject.

Ironic. Haha. But this is the class I have some sort of confidence in. I have to get as many good grades as I can this semester. If I can get two As (yeah, only two) I can really push my CGPA up. But I can only rely a lot on the 3-credit subject. The other one, a 4-credit, I can only aim as high as a B.


Anyway, I am planning to get my brain really worked out this sem. The whole projects I have to finish before October, practice sessions with the Club members, the new uniform for the Club... The list seems to be endless.

About the Club. I am now living with Queenie. We share the same bed. Heh ;P So I think things might be easier now since we can really spend a lot of time discussing about this whenever needed. We haven't start on anything yet, but I guess we will get ourselves a bit busy with the Club's matter starting next week.

The new sem seems to start pretty well. I wish I could keep the good start till the end. Sometimes some things are actually easier to be done/solved if we take them pretty lightly. Sometimes some hard work and thinking are actually a waste of time because we see those things as difficult, and we can only think of difficult solutions. At the end of the day, those things will wear us out and we will start seeing everything else just as difficult, if not worse.

I'm having a good start with some best friends within my reach. I can get through everything (^_^)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Drop Me a Message

I am now back to the world where people can ring me anytime, anywhere. Luckily such people don't exist in my world anymore. I hate senseless people who rings me just to bug me. "Because I care."

Heck. Well, I don't. So stop pestering me.

Anyway, since the tragedy of the lost cellphone, many people have to deal with the difficulties of trying to reach me. I have to deal with that problem too. I lost most of my contacts' phone numbers. I am lucky I could still remember a few, so I used my spare number to contact these few people.

Mom called me a few days back to ask me about the test re-take I told her earlier. She must have tried to contact me through my phone but failed. So she contacted dad. Anyway, I told her about the incident using as little word as possible, hoping that she will understand that she wouldn't be able to contact me again because I don't have a phone.

"Oh, so you need a new phone?"

Whoa... That was some unexpected words from her. Well, actually that was sort of expected. She said she will buy me one for my birthday, but I opted for a holiday trip to an island with my friends. Hehe...

She gave me options whether to get some money for the cellphone or get a cellphone. No buying required. I should have opted for the money. Huhu~ I asked for a cheap phone like the one I had lost. I don't need feature-packed phone right now.

Yesterday Mom's friend came to our house. She delivered the phone. A new Nokia 5200. Well, that's not what I asked for. I asked for a Nokia 1110 or something more or less like that. See, I should take the money instead and buy two 1110s instead. But that would equal to having to endure some few more weeks without cellphone before I can really get my hands on any (my *lalala...* said that we will go out shopping for new phones together).

Anyway, I'm glad I have a phone now. It is nothing to boast about since it is not among the latest models in the market. But now I can say to my friends, "Hey, I'm back."

Switching to a new phone is actually a hassle. I still love the old mono-screen phone with simple navigation. Plus, the durability. Colour-screen phones tends to break more easily than the mono counterparts. I'll need to learn to be more careful.

Short notes:

To Queenie who loves sending MMS to me, you can do so once I got everything set up properly.
To Mr R the Romeo, maybe I'll send you my pics later. But first, I need your number.
To my *lalala...*, lets go phone hunting next time. I'm changing the other one too.
To basically everybody, don't forget to give me your number. Or else I won't be able to reach you. Ever.
To myself: You'll need to browse through the manual so you don't have to wonder how to do what next time. And get the microSD A.S.A.P!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Worldwide... Today!

The biggest movie of the year is now shown to the rest of the world today. Yes, I'm talking about Transformers.

Looking at this list, I can now claim myself lucky living in my country. We get to see the movie early. Heh...

That's a really good point if you really want to brag on how cool the movie is. While the rest of the world are making the trip to enjoy the "Ooh..." and "Ahh..." of the movie with their eyes glued to the big screen, not wanting to miss any possible millisecond (you will miss some nanoseconds to bat your eyes) we may already plan for the second or the third trip. Or may already go for the third!

I almost went for the second trip the same day I watch the first one. Heh :P

Dirty thoughts:
If you really want to spoil one's mood, go to the countries where the movie is now showing for the first time, and bring along a friend who has already watch the movie with you. He/she can also watch the movie without you before. Just make sure both of you have watched it. If possible, choose to be seated at the best spot in the cinema. Talk about the movie during the commercials before the movie start. Every now and then, say to your partner, "Hey, look, it's this part. Damn cool. You don't want to miss it." And your partner can reply with, "Yeah, but I like the part where better. Awesome." Talk as loudly as you feel comfortable with. Make other people nearby hear you, but keep it low enough so you won't get kicked out of the cinema.

So, why do we get to see the movie first? Can't the US of A get the privileges of watching it first? Well, that's where the whole stuff is created, right? They should be the first to see it!

It's all about business. This country of mine is well known as the country where pirated movies with qualities from so-so to superb are sold widely. Probably the guys get the idea from the James Bond movie The World is Not Enough, where they get to cut a huge amount of loss due to piracy by releasing it first here.

But I guess the guys don't have to worry much about getting people to watch the movie at the cinema. Heck. The bigger the screen is, the better. Maybe I'll catch the movie again at IMAX. But I'll wait for the 3D release then. There's no point of paying twice or thrice the ticket price of a normal cinema to watch a normal movie at a 3D cinema just because IMAX has bigger screens.

Wishing for sequels? DreamWorks has already given the greenlights to two sequels. Yeah! Now it's all up to Michael Bay, or anyone who will agree to take the job of fulfilling fans' fantasies of seeing live-action robots on screen again.

I was thinking of writing a review on Transformers right after watching it. Heck. That was last week, and I still don't feel like writing anything. I did a short review on my Friendster, though. I'll write something on it once I feel like writing. Heh...

Just go and watch the movie. I bet you won't regret it. No, don't wait for the pirated CDs and DVDs to come out first. It'll be too late. Enjoy while it's still hot. Yum yum!