Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Worldwide... Today!

The biggest movie of the year is now shown to the rest of the world today. Yes, I'm talking about Transformers.

Looking at this list, I can now claim myself lucky living in my country. We get to see the movie early. Heh...

That's a really good point if you really want to brag on how cool the movie is. While the rest of the world are making the trip to enjoy the "Ooh..." and "Ahh..." of the movie with their eyes glued to the big screen, not wanting to miss any possible millisecond (you will miss some nanoseconds to bat your eyes) we may already plan for the second or the third trip. Or may already go for the third!

I almost went for the second trip the same day I watch the first one. Heh :P

Dirty thoughts:
If you really want to spoil one's mood, go to the countries where the movie is now showing for the first time, and bring along a friend who has already watch the movie with you. He/she can also watch the movie without you before. Just make sure both of you have watched it. If possible, choose to be seated at the best spot in the cinema. Talk about the movie during the commercials before the movie start. Every now and then, say to your partner, "Hey, look, it's this part. Damn cool. You don't want to miss it." And your partner can reply with, "Yeah, but I like the part where better. Awesome." Talk as loudly as you feel comfortable with. Make other people nearby hear you, but keep it low enough so you won't get kicked out of the cinema.

So, why do we get to see the movie first? Can't the US of A get the privileges of watching it first? Well, that's where the whole stuff is created, right? They should be the first to see it!

It's all about business. This country of mine is well known as the country where pirated movies with qualities from so-so to superb are sold widely. Probably the guys get the idea from the James Bond movie The World is Not Enough, where they get to cut a huge amount of loss due to piracy by releasing it first here.

But I guess the guys don't have to worry much about getting people to watch the movie at the cinema. Heck. The bigger the screen is, the better. Maybe I'll catch the movie again at IMAX. But I'll wait for the 3D release then. There's no point of paying twice or thrice the ticket price of a normal cinema to watch a normal movie at a 3D cinema just because IMAX has bigger screens.

Wishing for sequels? DreamWorks has already given the greenlights to two sequels. Yeah! Now it's all up to Michael Bay, or anyone who will agree to take the job of fulfilling fans' fantasies of seeing live-action robots on screen again.

I was thinking of writing a review on Transformers right after watching it. Heck. That was last week, and I still don't feel like writing anything. I did a short review on my Friendster, though. I'll write something on it once I feel like writing. Heh...

Just go and watch the movie. I bet you won't regret it. No, don't wait for the pirated CDs and DVDs to come out first. It'll be too late. Enjoy while it's still hot. Yum yum!


noul said...

ey busuk
nxt time u wanna watch it, lemme know kayh!
bluwekkkkk :P

buTTerFLowEr said...

watch it together. again n again. yeahhh.

eleh. org tu busuk xnk ngaku :P