Friday, July 13, 2007

Not That Simple

I accidentally activated my Caller Ringtones service that will charge me 3 bucks per month for some tones I really don't need. I don't need to entertain my callers with fancy tones. Nobody has ever complained about the boring 'toot-toot' sound so far. So why should I change now?

Anyway, I went back to my room and borrowed Queenie's notebook to access the Internet. I was expecting some kind of help or FAQs on the website explaining on how to deactivate the service. I always hated the slow-loading fully flash format of the website, especially with the slow Internet connection we are experiencing here in the College.

Clicking on the Caller Ringtones link redirected me to the Music Unlimited site, a site that is dedicated to music and music-related contents where you can subscribe to services and buy tones from the provider. The site will only show you how to subscribe, but not on how to unsubscribe. Yikes! That's bl**ping awful for a reputable service provider like this one.

I searched in every nook and cranny (if you can call the actions of clicking on every logical links I can think of as searching) but couldn't find any. Even the FAQs are useless. Mind you, I have tried the site dedicated for the Prepaid service, and I hava also tried the Main site.

Contacting my Brother is also useless. I thought he did subscribe to the service once, only to unsubscribe it later because he wondered on how his credits balance drained so quickly every month. Duh!

Anyway, I finally managed to unsubscribe the service thanks to my silly brain finally managed to think clearly and the guts of trying my luck with the Easy Menu function (that is not actually really easy because I have to go forth and back between menus to get into the right one). And I even have to use shortcuts (I gambled on the correct codes) just to shorten the whole key in number-wait for the next menu-key in another number-wait for the next menu-key in yet another number process.

I haven't figured out whether the service I had accidentally activated has really been activated before I finally get it deactivated, thus I don't know whether the provider has deducted the 3 bucks from my account or not. But at least now I know that I don't have to pay some 3 bucks per month without any reasons.

Now I need to figure out how to get my GPRS/MMS to function correctly.

P/s - The FAQs are bl**ping craps with only some of the sections updated properly, causing troubles and confusions in understanding what the provider really offers. The whole site is crappy. It's not helping at all.

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