Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stupid Acts - Part 3

Guess now.

Guess what?

Shark really is stupid when he bought the recipe.

I have nothing against his action of buying the recipe for such a high price. He told me, "It's not about wasting the money, it's about winning the heart." I had to agree with him with that. Poor rich desperado.

Buying something plain for such a high price for some reason, and people will forgive you. But wasting it on someone who doesn't have a clue on what is going on is really a waste.

I am not blaming Nina for not appreciating what he is doing to win her heart. If it was not a request from Nina, I don't think Shark will spend a huge amount of money on that ojingeo deopbap. I doubt that he will spend the same amount, or perhaps even a fraction of of it, for someone he doesn't have any interest in.

A few days after the long lectures of "the recipe is a total waste," the real thing hit him really hard on the head. He told Nina that he had learned how to cook the ojingeo deopbap that she wished to have, and he also had the recipe tested, just so he can cook a better meal for her later. Yup. He cooked for her.

It later turned out that the "Nina" who was asking for the ojingeo deopbap was not really Nina. Someone else was using her notebook at the moment, and she played around, thinking that it was funny. Duh! You don't mess around with people you don't know, pretending to be the person that person really want to talk to, especially when it involves the hearts. Especially when that person is expecting a positive response for what he did for the person he likes.

Huhu~ I think I'm going way overboard with this.

Anyway, for Shark to spend his money for something Nina didn't request, but was actually requested by someone else, and not being serious about it. Some 400 bucks was burnt for nothing. The moment I heard about it, I really wished that he would give me a huge plush doggy, or a teddy, or something.

He sounded tortured enough by the fact, giving him more mental torture won't give me any pleasure anymore. Somehow I pitied him.

I don't know what Nina really say about the incident. And I don't know whether Nina wanted to give the ojingeo deopbap a try, after what happened. But I asked him to cook some for me. I hope that made him feel a bit better. At least someone is willing to eat some Korean "sambal sotong" he made.

Lessons learned - never buy a recipe that costs so much. And make sure that the person requesting is really the person you expect a positive respond from and not some impostor. And the money wasted is better spent on a huge plush doggy for me. Grr...

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