Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A New Start?

The new semester has just begun. The term started on July 9, but my class only started today, that is, if you can really call it 'started'. My solely registered class for this semester is an elective subject. I can choose one out of the five three elective subjects. And I chose to be in the class of the lecturer I don't like. The one who failed me in a 3-credit subject.

Ironic. Haha. But this is the class I have some sort of confidence in. I have to get as many good grades as I can this semester. If I can get two As (yeah, only two) I can really push my CGPA up. But I can only rely a lot on the 3-credit subject. The other one, a 4-credit, I can only aim as high as a B.


Anyway, I am planning to get my brain really worked out this sem. The whole projects I have to finish before October, practice sessions with the Club members, the new uniform for the Club... The list seems to be endless.

About the Club. I am now living with Queenie. We share the same bed. Heh ;P So I think things might be easier now since we can really spend a lot of time discussing about this whenever needed. We haven't start on anything yet, but I guess we will get ourselves a bit busy with the Club's matter starting next week.

The new sem seems to start pretty well. I wish I could keep the good start till the end. Sometimes some things are actually easier to be done/solved if we take them pretty lightly. Sometimes some hard work and thinking are actually a waste of time because we see those things as difficult, and we can only think of difficult solutions. At the end of the day, those things will wear us out and we will start seeing everything else just as difficult, if not worse.

I'm having a good start with some best friends within my reach. I can get through everything (^_^)

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