Saturday, July 7, 2007

Drop Me a Message

I am now back to the world where people can ring me anytime, anywhere. Luckily such people don't exist in my world anymore. I hate senseless people who rings me just to bug me. "Because I care."

Heck. Well, I don't. So stop pestering me.

Anyway, since the tragedy of the lost cellphone, many people have to deal with the difficulties of trying to reach me. I have to deal with that problem too. I lost most of my contacts' phone numbers. I am lucky I could still remember a few, so I used my spare number to contact these few people.

Mom called me a few days back to ask me about the test re-take I told her earlier. She must have tried to contact me through my phone but failed. So she contacted dad. Anyway, I told her about the incident using as little word as possible, hoping that she will understand that she wouldn't be able to contact me again because I don't have a phone.

"Oh, so you need a new phone?"

Whoa... That was some unexpected words from her. Well, actually that was sort of expected. She said she will buy me one for my birthday, but I opted for a holiday trip to an island with my friends. Hehe...

She gave me options whether to get some money for the cellphone or get a cellphone. No buying required. I should have opted for the money. Huhu~ I asked for a cheap phone like the one I had lost. I don't need feature-packed phone right now.

Yesterday Mom's friend came to our house. She delivered the phone. A new Nokia 5200. Well, that's not what I asked for. I asked for a Nokia 1110 or something more or less like that. See, I should take the money instead and buy two 1110s instead. But that would equal to having to endure some few more weeks without cellphone before I can really get my hands on any (my *lalala...* said that we will go out shopping for new phones together).

Anyway, I'm glad I have a phone now. It is nothing to boast about since it is not among the latest models in the market. But now I can say to my friends, "Hey, I'm back."

Switching to a new phone is actually a hassle. I still love the old mono-screen phone with simple navigation. Plus, the durability. Colour-screen phones tends to break more easily than the mono counterparts. I'll need to learn to be more careful.

Short notes:

To Queenie who loves sending MMS to me, you can do so once I got everything set up properly.
To Mr R the Romeo, maybe I'll send you my pics later. But first, I need your number.
To my *lalala...*, lets go phone hunting next time. I'm changing the other one too.
To basically everybody, don't forget to give me your number. Or else I won't be able to reach you. Ever.
To myself: You'll need to browse through the manual so you don't have to wonder how to do what next time. And get the microSD A.S.A.P!!!

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