Friday, July 20, 2007

Stupid Acts - Part 2

How stupid is stupid?

How stupid will a guy become to win a girl's heart?

Well, Shark has done what I can say as the most stupidest thing to pave a way to Nina's heart. Note that I am using the extreme superlative (the phrase most stupidest doesn't exist, I use it only to emphasize on how stupidity can go beyond what is considered as a normal superlative).

So, how stupid is this Shark guy?

He got his mind working backwards by not using what is considered a must-know of the technology/digital world that there is even a word coined from the act of using it (and people are using it excessively!) - the big blue G. Give applause to... *drum roll* ...Google.

He searched for a recipe - ojingeo deopbap. He said Nina requested for the meal, but she gave him the wrong spelling. He wasted a couple of hours searching for something that doesn't exist. His last resort - a tourism website (or something similar) offering a list of Korean food and the recipes. Out of desperation, he jumped into the silliness of buying the recipe without even giving a thought of searching for free recipes based on the name he found on the website. A few clicks later some USD 119 disappeared from his possession.

Ojingeo deopbap - stir fry calamari on rice. Or in his own words - "sambal sotong" (calamari in chilli paste). He seemed to regret his own action of buying the simple recipe, expecting it to be something grand, but turned out to be something so simple and not-so-fancy. He refused to reveal the actual price the first time I asked him.

Later he asked me how much does USD 119 actually costs. My rough calculation converted the value to be around 400 plus bucks local currency. God! This guy is really crazy! Only when I asked again he admitted feeling stupid for paying such a high price for the recipe, when a friend of him (one of my Seniors) found the recipe for free. He lied to Nina saying that it only costs him some USD 30. Urghh!!! That's still a huge amount of money for a recipe!

Later I managed to find the stupid recipe myself, just to satisfy the curiosity I had over this ojingeo deopbap thingy. I mean, what made it so expensive? I found some sites and blogs with pictures. It does look like some "sambal sotong" to me. I dropped Shark a huge chunk of rock, crushing him terribly when I copied the recipe I found (for free, of course!) and gave it to him.

His first reaction was a scream. In capital letters.

Our whole chat session was filled with babbling from Yours Truly, mentioning about how he had wasted a huge amount of money when he could have just get it for free and how he could actually spend the money for something more useful like a real Korean food treat at a real Korean restaurant. Or a big teddy bear. Or some jewellery. Or lots of chocolates. Or a phone call that lasts for hours. Well, the list is what I could think of of 400 bucks gift for a girl. OK, actually this is the list of what I wish I could have, if Shark really wish to waste some 400 bucks on a girl, and if the girl is actually me. Haha :P

It was a good session. Mental torture is proven to be a good way to unwind, especially when you are the torturer. Haha... I really wished I could brainwash this stupid guy. Yes, he has the money to buy that stupid recipe, but he could have spent them better on something else instead of that stupid thing!

Lessons learned - never spend too much on a recipe. Or buy that stupid thing anyway, but keep the facts away from me.

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