Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Affected? Infected?

A few days ago Queenie screamed and/or listened to music to counter the sound I made when I laugh. I let out a special laugh for her, a laugh I successfully imitate from some annoying characters in some anime we both watched. Another roommate who shares the same name with me also imitated the laughing. We were amused by it.

For her, it is painfully annoying.

Just a few minutes ago Queenie came to my place. My ears were fully covered with the pair of Philips stereo headphones I owned since last semester. I was reading a blog of a self-acclaimed anarchist, also known as a conformist but not a rebel. The headphones were attached to my MP3 player, specially hung at the top of my locker to enable the FM signal captured by the FM radio function. Various kinds of songs went through my ears, but my mind didn't do anything to capture the words. Most of them I recalled by heart, glued through continuous exposure to them.

Queenie let out a sound I heard somewhat familiar to what I made from the previous night. I turned to her, taking the headphones off partly.

She was grinning.


She let another high-pitched laugh she used to hate. I guess it is just a matter of time before the laugh can be deemed as our official laugh.

As I am writing this post, Queenie is in her bed trying to sleep. She just let another laugh just now. I guess it is pretty addictive.


noul said...

skang af pun jangkit suda!

buTTerFLowEr said...

haha... the official gelak of our room :D