Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'll Have It Done. Later...

Some people asked me why I don't write in my own Mother Tongue.

Am I not proud of my own language? Duh! If you know me well, you'll know that I am one of the people who prefers communicating in my own language. Especially in English classes. Hehe... And joking around with a bunch of guys in English in Mother Tongue classes. Hehe...

Am I proud of my own self? My proficiency in English? Double duh! I am not that proficient to write in English. I still, from time to time, refer to the dictionary for lots of things. I am currently attached to the red Macmillan English Dictionary For Advanced Learners International Student Edition. No, I don't have a copy of English - Mother Tongue dictionary with me. Go find someone else.

What makes me write in English? Simply because some things are easier written in English rather than in Mother Tongue. Most things are simpler that way.

And this is the medium where I can practice my rusting English. Heck. I can't converse in English very well. I need to polish my written English so well it shines very brightly. I need to write tons of resumés for my Industrial Training programme next semester. I need to write tons of resumés to secure me a job later.

Am I not going to write in my Mother Tongue? Who says so? I have lots of things to write about. Unfinished novel (I dropped the idea of writing it since I was 15). Some comments and ideas I can only write in the language. I am now concentrating more on the latter.

Some things can't be written in English just because most of the narrow-minded people prefers arguing in Mother Tongue.

Probably because they never bother to learn English to an acceptable level where they can understand others and reply with appropriate answers.

And probably because some things can only be explained in my Mother Tongue.

Because we are so unique. In so many ways.

P/s - I read Macmillan Dictionary for fun, especially when I am really bored and nothing else could kill the boredom. Fun, and educational.

P/p/s - I was thinking of writing a blog in Mother Tongue. I'm still searching for a host for my alter ego. Because I am shallow and I'm a bikini babe (yeah, right!), and a shallow bikini babe (yeah, right!) can't have opinions.

P/p/p/s - I need to undergo series of slimming treatment to remove the excessive fat and cellulite. And dye my hair blonde so I can be a Brainless Blonde Bikini Bimbo (4B). Or 6B (Brainless Blonde Bikini Bimbo with Big Boobs). I prefer the 4B (which also can be read as Brainless Bimbo with Big Boobs, or many other variations you can come up with).

P/p/p/p/s - Yeah! All hail 4Bs. Long live 4Bs.

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