Monday, August 27, 2007


So I permed my hair. And so you permed your hair. So what?

I don't understand this I-don't-want-us-to-have-the-same-look identity crisis she is having. Quit yupping about it, will you?

I'm talking about my sister, Paris. She is yupping about me having my hair curled, and said she needed to straighten her hair and wasted some 200 bucks (for the perm) just because I am notoriously known as the rebel, the one who wanted to be different from the others.

She spotted my new do from the pictures I uploaded just a few hours ago on my various networking accounts: MySpace, Tagged, Hi5, Ringo, Multiply. And a dear friend uploaded my picture with curly hair on Friendster. I don't know which picture she was looking at. And those pictures were taken a month ago.

Duh! If you don't want to be seen sporting the same hairstyle as mine please do so. But never say that you have to comply with me because I don't want to be like you or anyone else.

And please don't tell me how much things costs. I don't ask you to straighten your hair back and wasted your money on both curling and straightening process. If you do, don't blame me.

I don't give a bl**p what you are doing/going to do with your money and/or hair. Just keep my name out of "I did this because..." please.

I am losing my curls fast. Not that I'm saying that the place where I had my perms dome was bad. It was a good place. And a cheap one. And I love it because my hair smelled pretty sweet (fruity) right after the perming job was done and I can walk around the Mall not worrying a bit about the 'salon smell'. And yeah, I only spend some 70 bucks on my hair (plus the front fringe straightened flat). So, is it the salon's fault my hair is losing the curls fast?

Nope. If I must, I would say that my hair is from the stubborn type, just like me. My hair needs simple care for as long as I can remember. I switch shampoo frequently and use cheap shampoos and people will still say my hair is easy to manage. Duh! Blame it to stubbornness. It refuses/resists to changes pretty well.

I really think that she shouldn't waste her money on straightening her hair just to be different. It will be a huge waste of money. My hair will be back to its normal state (straight) in some few months. In a few weeks what will be left of the perms are just some very loose waves - the type of curls you get from rolling your hair with some rollers without adding chemicals and will wash off with water. THAT type of waves.

If she decided to have her hair straightened, all I want to say is "STUPID!!!"

There. That makes me feel better.

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