Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Hate Sleeping

I hate sleeping. Sleeping actually shaves me off of my precious time living in this world when I can really do something better than sleeping.

OK, so I lied about the shaving me off of my precious time. I only hate that part when I run out of time and I fall for a quick 5-minute doze when I really can make use of the time.

I hate sleeping when I have people with no spare time (people I love and care about only) need me to do something important. Or not very important, but since they are very busy, time is a critical factor.

I often missed messages and calls from Charlie. And usually when he got some specific time slot for me squeezed in his very busy schedule. His time for me is almost always affected by the weather, his healh level, the availability of a mode of transportation and bla bla bla. Meeting him even for a few minutes is actually hard. At some points even almost impossible. And that doesn't count my availability to comply to his scheduled time.

So, whenever possible I will always put him on top of my list of priority. Most of the time I will say no only when I have a group discussion to attend to. Weather and health level factor will usually be discarded.

But I often failed to see him when he needed whatever important stuff of his that he left in my possession. Or something he asked me to buy. I often failed to meet him and give his stuff, or worse, when he needed some time off from whatever problem his girlfriend or his stress factor is causing him. She is his main stress factor.

I missed my meeting-with-Charlie-to-hand-him-his-stuff time slot again because I was sleeping. He texted me twice, and called me 5 times. FIVE TIMES!!!

I hate it when it happened. I hate sleeping.

Now that it messed my brain up (because I hate waking up to know how I hate sleeping very much) I am now feeling some sort of dizziness creeping up into my head. I think I need some more sleep.

On another note, yeah, it happened quite a number of times when my ex-boyfriends decided to leave me. Only I was actually physically awake at those moments. And I only finally woke up when they texted me saying everything was over for us both.

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