Monday, August 27, 2007

It's All About the Money

I slept with a terrible headache and my skin itching all over. I put on the cream prescribed by the Doctor. I didn't even read the label. Whatever. I'm itching and I need something, fast.

Anyway, I went into a deep sleep with my teddy, Jay cuddled and my pillows and mini bolster in place. And some laundry I just taken from the line, waiting to be folded, pushed to the end of the bed.

And I woke up with everything in its proper place - not on the floor.

My Roomies are sitting for a test tonight. They, plus another girl, are busy discussing. Papers on the floor and they were chit chatting. They are still discussing, only drifted away once in a while, probably because they need some break. I don't know when they started the discussion.

I choose to ignore what they are talking about. Most of the time I hear they are explaining to each other what is what and how is what. And memorising formulaes and... I'm lost.

I was replying the texts on my cellphone when I my ears caught something. Someone is asking for presents from someone. I managed to process a bit of here and there of the conversation.

A: So you want a PDA phone?
X: I asked for baju raya (new clothes for Eid).
A: That cheap? Get a new phone!
X: I ask for cheaper stuff, so I can ask for more.
A: Hey, 200 is cheap. He surely have some 200 to spend. Duh!

Well, I wasn't eavesdropping. That was pretty much what I heard.

I had my mind running for a while. Is 200 that cheap?

For people who can afford to pay some 200 bucks on not-so-important stuff, yes. 200 is cheap.

But I lived my whole life saving my pocket money for my own stuff. Back then in school I only had one buck per day per school days. I never worked a single day of my life except for a very brief period washing dishes at a small restaurant at night for 20 bucks per night. My money came from the empty stomach. Magazines, T-shirts, books. Practically everything came from days of skipping lunches at school. And people wondered where the hell did I get the money from.

I grow money tree.

Anyway, hearing those comments made my heart stopped for a while. Boy, they sure are lucky people. Getting a guy to buy you stuff.

Isn't that what guys supposed to do to their girls? Be their money machine or something?

Well, unfortunately my *lalala...* is not rich. And so did my other exes. I was/am/will be either tied to a poor guy or a cheapskate. And usually a guy who has another girl in line. I'm the second.

Guess I need a new guy. A new rich guy. Or guys. Or a Sugar Daddy.

Now, where can I get some of those?

P/s - I need at least some 100 bucks for my phone. And another 300 on food. And maybe some 200 on clothes during a sale. And another 100 on whatever I might buy without putting any thoughts on. Allowances quoted are on monthly basis. And some 500 bucks on three pairs of sneakers per year (at least).

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