Monday, August 20, 2007


I finally found something that can banish my crazy crave - Rum Raisin (RR) ice cream. I bought a tub for myself. A rectangular tub filled with 1 litre (500 g) ice cream. And I bought a tub of yogurt specially for the ice cream. I need the spoon.

I ate the ice cream almost immediately after paying for the stuff I had in my hands. After a long failed search, who wouldn't? Plus, the Residence doesn't allow the students to keep electrical appliances (except for some little stuff). We don't have mini bar. And I don't enjoy melted ice cream.

I dipped the small plastic spoon into the ice cream and dig out a small portion of the smooth texture. "Yummy," was my first thought.

Wait a second. The ice cream tasted weird in my mouth. I tried to remember the last time I had the ice cream. Last year. Urghh... I couldn't recall the taste of it. Then again, I had it mixed with another flavour.

I texted Shark, telling him about the ice cream. I told him about my ice cream crave a lot earlier, and he sounded like "You wouldn't want to eat that. Again. Ever."

As expected.

Me: I'm having RR. Yay! Finally...
Him: Good for you.
Me: Yeah, but it tasted a bit weird.
Him: Told ya. It contains rum. And you know what rum is?
Me: Yeah, I know. But this one does not contain rum. It contains whey powder. And yeah, rum is derived from whey. I know that. This is not rum.
Him: I know the smell and taste of rum, OK. Both cold and frozen.
Me: Yeah, but this is not rum!
Him: Come on. I know what the thing is. It's rum. My friend worked at Baskin Robbins.
Me: This is not BR's R & R. It's Cremo's. And it is not rum.
Him: OK, whatever.

Peter and MJ who also had a taste of the ice cream told me something similar. They said it smelled like alcohol. And left an aftertaste pretty much like alcohol.

I checked the container a few times. Yeah, it was not rum. I checked on it even before buying it. I checked for the date. Nothing suspicious. Hmm...

Assuring myself was pretty easy. Assuring other people was hard. They didn't question much. But they didn't continue eating either.


Note to myself: BR's RR didn't taste weird they way I remember it. And that was like 10 years ago.

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