Sunday, August 12, 2007


Is this news coming out too fast? Or the previous post came too late? Or what?

The guy I wrote about in the previous post, Crush, just confessed that he liked me. And that is not what shocking me.

He confessed that he liked me since we were in the First Year. And now we are in the Fourth.

I think he finally had the guts to spill the thing out when I told him that keeping everything inside might cause him to lose something that is right in front of him. Right advice, wrong time and situation. I was actually relating to my experience of losing AK, and also the story on Nina and Peter.

OK, maybe it also has something to do with the texts I put on the Skype. The "status". He had been replying to the status with texts that didn't reveal anything, but I kept on pushing. Only later we talked about the whole "keeping everything inside" and "losing the chance" thing.

He later texted me on my phone, confessing his feelings.

So, the question is answered, and I can proudly say that I can trust my instinct and I am not just some girl who thinks that the guy must like her because that's what guys always do.

OK, so what are the hints he has been dropping me since the first day we went out together? Let me see... Hmm...
  • He followed me instead of his friends at the hypermarket when we split to get our stuff.
  • He always sits in front of me when we are having meals, even though he has already pulled the chair opposing Kiddo (a friend of ours) when we are sitting at a 2-by-2 table.
  • He walks very closely to me most of the time I can remember.
  • He always stands between me and Kiddo.
  • When we were at the beach we (the three of us) lay down on the beach and took some pictures of ourselves and later he didn't even bother to move a few inches away from me (I take it as a sign that he really wished that we could be that close).
  • We took pictures of our shoes (three pairs) lined up, sitting very close is expected, but he didn't move after we finished taking the pictures (another strong sign?).
  • We were lying on the beach after taking pictures (I don't remember which). I didn't budge a bit from my position, and so was he. When we sat up we were in a position that would make people see as if he was touching my back. Or almost. That close. And he stayed put and not moving. And I couldn't enjoy watching the night sky lying down again, or else I'll be lying on his hand/arm because it was right behind me.

Pretty bold moves from a pretty shy guy. Considering that he is not a player, I don't think he would be comfortable sitting very close to a girl like me, even on a normal friendship basis. So I can safely assume that he likes me. And I was right! But I didn't expect that it started a whole lot earlier on.

I still can't believe he kept the whole thing for years. Three years. I wondered what will happen if he didn't let it out today.


noul said...

he seems like a nice guy, go on and nudge him *winks*

kid2yik said...

kiddo...who's kiddo..ahahhahaha...

i can sense dat luv is in the air...=)

buTTerFLowEr said...

mengong la ko. i'm stil w my *lalala...* ok

kid2yik said...

ok2.. hehehe... pasang 2.. ahhahaa... jus joking.. no heart feelin ya.. =)