Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I found an interesting site while searching for freewares that might work for my Multimedia assignment and project. Needless to say, I found lots of junks, some cool stuff and lots of sharewares that will definitely burn my whole pocket (too many holes!).

Anyway, while I was browsing for the stuff I found one software that claimed to be able to generate photomosaic. "Cool!" was my first thought.

Photomosaic is a photo made of combination of many smaller photos. Tons of them.

My multimedia project. Hmm... I dunno. Maybe I can include this stuff, but the Lecturer would expect something like a video, not a photomosaic. Photomosaic can't include text and sound, the elements we need to include in the project.

I downloaded the software. I found a link to a forum where the people were discussing on having a photomosaic contest. The dates? Back in 2005. Whoaa... I guess I'm way too late in discovering this thing.

Whatever. The example given led me to the very cool stuff I think you should give a look at. Here it is. Zoom in and wait for the images to be fully loaded.

Note: Be patient.

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