Saturday, August 11, 2007


I think someone is having a crush on me.

You can say that I am being self-centered, thinking that the world revolves around me and every guy in this world loves me. I am the I-am-the-most-beautiful-princess-every-guy-will-beg-on-his-knees-to-date-me type of girl. Whatever.

I think the guy (I'll name him Yoshi) is dropping me tiny hints since the first time I went out with him (plus another guy or two). Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am not. I can trust my hunch most of the time especially when guys make the whole I-like-you-and-want-to-get-close-to-you-and-know-you-better thing obvious. I was right about my *lalala...* although I could extract a confession from him only after about a year and a half.

Back to this guy. Hmm... The signs Yoshi showed were pretty obvious. But I am not uncomfortable with it. He didn't invade my personal space. Well, actually I am pretty comfortable being around him. That's great. I hate people invading my personal space, making me feel creepy and scared and had to run away when they started to say "I like you". Yuck.

The biggest sign the guy showed was the text on his Skype, what we usually call as the "status". His text was actually a reply to mine. I noticed it.

My text was only something that reflects what I really feel about my relationship with my *lalala...*, because from my point-of-view, he was being cold towards me.

I don't think Yoshi knew the situation between me and my *lalala...*, as we are being half-attached. Not in a relationship, and not in a "not in a relationship". Complicated stuff, if I can give it a name.

I hope Yoshi won't expect much of anything from me now. I am not ready to let my *lalala...* go. Not yet. He still loves me like before, and I still love him like always. He shows me the warmth and love I need when I am at my lowest point, and that really helps me get through the coldness I thought I saw in him.

Expecting a guy to "lets just be friends for now" and "maybe later we can develop a more serious relationship" is not easy. Most of the guys I know take this as a form of rejection. Yet, many tried harder. Sorry. You're getting creepy. Get out of my sight.

Well, lets just see when will the mystery revealed itself. I am so bl**ping sure that my hunch is right - he really likes me.


noul said...

oit oit
jz gv it a try loh

buTTerFLowEr said...

sibuk la ko :P

Anonymous said...

i think i now him...that yoshi...

Anonymous said...

i think i know him...that yoshi...