Wednesday, August 15, 2007

History Revisited

For whatever reasons, I am beginning to feel like the kid I used to be.


Some people (yes, you. I know you're reading) are now mentioning Yoshi's name on a frequent basis within my hearing. Followed by some giggles.

Now, I'm not the type of girl who will get mad over tiny things like that. Sooner or later they (yes, you. I know you're reading) will stop. I hope it will end sooner rather than later.

The act of denying the whole thing will only drain me more, and on a quicker rate. I need every bit of my energy now. I will need to seek the patience I had back then in school. Unfortunately I don't have any mantra I can chant every now and then to block the voices and giggles. *sigh*

I guess I just have to play the game along with them. Maybe then they (yes, you. I know you're reading) will tone down the whole Yoshi thing on me.

At least this is no more worse than the one I had back then in school. Maybe I can say it's a whole lot better than in school. Being paired up with a total nerd I can't keep myself near for more than 5 seconds for whatever reasons is even worse than what I am experiencing now. Hey, I used to be the nerd in school, but that guy is a nerd a few degrees higher than me. I can't stand him. Having my friends (that's what they called themselves) pairing his name up with mine in front of him was a nightmare. And it evolved into a more terrible nightmare - the guy seemed like he was trying to spend more time talking to me, when all he can talk about were nothing more than brain-pinching educational matters.

Or was it just me? Whatever.

Now the history is repeating itself. But in a better version. Lucky me (yeah, right!). At least the guy is not someone I can't stand at all. And the people (yeah, you. I know you're still reading) say sorry when they think they went overboard with this whole me-and-Yoshi thing.

I need to concentrate on conserving my energies for more useful thing. La la la...

On a different note, Yoshi resembles some bunch of friends I have: spending some years in the town I was born (but not bred) in, plays basketball and chess. Kinda reminds me of Alex who were invited to join the rugby team when he was rejected from joining the Chess Club back then in Junior College.

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