Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gotcha and Don't Cha never fails to entertain me. Those people are so cool. And the Morning Crew usually brightens my day even before the sun does. Evil pranks on Gotcha and silly jokes and remarks.

Today they played the wrong recording of Gotcha. The glitch was fixed after a song. Today's Gotcha was about a girl who feel flattered over the compliments by some random guy who claimed that he and his bunch of friends drooled over her at a party. He even mentioned about the dress she wore. They flirted and he asked her out. She agreed. She even denied having a boyfriend when asked. Then the boyfriend butted in and accused her of cheating. BTW, they were dating for 3 months. The girl had some explanation to do. Haha. She shouldn't flirt the first place.

JJ and Rudy also sang their own version of Don't Cha. It was damn hilarious. Don't cha wish you boyfriend was hot like me. Don't cha wish your boyfriend has more money. And that was just the chorus. The whole song is silly and funny.

Now, anyone has the song recorded? I really want that one. Then again, any copy of their songs would be great (I only have their version of Tokyo Drift: Fast and Furious).

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