Sunday, August 26, 2007


Heck! My Friendster and MySpace accounts (plus some few others) and my Yahoo! Mail (and soon to join the group - my Gmail) are now full of junks.

My MySpace account is full of invitation of whatever. Never mind. I can always ignore those. And spams and spammers are continuously being deleted. Great. And no "Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw:" messages too.

My Friendster accounts are full of forwarded messages. Dude! Please! The "Friendster is closing" message is not real! Stop forwarding it to me! And people forwarding texts ended with "Forward this to friends or you'll have bad lucks" or "Forward this to your friends and people who reply are really your friends" or whatever. Bullshit. You don't post junks to your friends. And I am happier to delete you and end this virtual friendship than bombarding other people's inboxes and claim the title of "your friend".

And I also hate people spreading messages ended with the Prophet's words, "Spread my words..." or "Spread this, and God may bless you with his rewards..." or something similar. Dude, are you spreading the messages because you find it true/useful or are you expecting rewards for doing it?

I haven't check my Yahoo! account for some times now. Heck. I hate my sister's hobby more than the newsletters and spams more. She keeps on forwarding stuff to me and expect me to spend a lot of time reading them (or downloading the clips or songs) and give her some respond. Hell no!

And she started to forward those junks to my Gmail account, knowing that I check the account frequently. Yuck! I use the account because I hate her junks, OK? At least she stopped when I told her to. *sigh* She's scarier than those spammers.

So, people. Stop asking whether I have read your messages on Myspace or Friendster. I spend little time on those, thanks to the junks. I have my cellphone and my IMs. Do message me if you want to know whether I'm still alive or not. Or check my blog for news. Consider me dead if I don't post anymore (but please text me if you really want to know whether I'm still alive).

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