Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hot Jobs

Listening to "You can never get a good job in that field," or "There is no future in that," or something similar is actually tiring. I am talking about the course I am currently enrolled in, and have another year to complete before I can choose to go to a higher degree or get a job or just leave the whole four years wasted and start from scratch - Computer Science (CS).

People in my beloved country has been fed with "There is no future in Computer Science," way more often than they have taken their daily multivitamin supplements, if they have ever taken any. I often get "the look" from people when I said that I am taking CS.


Duh! CS is more than just IT, OK? Software engineering, cryptography, signal/audio/ video processing, network and database, multimedia, digital arts... The list is almost endless.

To those who says that Computer Science has no future, look at yourself. Most probably you are just a somebody who can't find a place to fit into the group of geeks like us, and you can't understand even the simplest things we are talking about. And the words are just some simple abbreviations. We don't talk computer jargons in public. Haha.

That sounds truly rude, don't you think so? But hey, some people do look at us like we are some non-human thingy, you know.

Anyway, here's what I really wanted to share with you. Top 10 Jobs Where Employers Come Looking for YOU.

P/s - two jobs out of ten are in CS field. Hehe...


Ash said...

What is wrong with an IT degree? I personally think that chicks who are into computers are really sexy...

You go girl!!

envime said...

seronok lak rasenye entry ko ni...sbb mmg dah ramai org 'pndg smcm' bile aku ckp aku dak CS. Rasenye field ni lagi byk keje drpd field lain yg coursenye pon name dah pelik2..and i like that statement 'we don't talk computer jargon in public'...yezzzaaa..wahahaha