Monday, June 18, 2007

Who are Counting on You?

My Motivation Has a Name... Almost

I read articles on SparkPeople as a part of my daily routine (whenever I get the chance to connect to the Internet to read them). Many times I come across articles written on motivation.

I think the article I read just now is actually pointing to a very good question. Who are counting on you? The article may refer more specifically to the goal of being healthy and losing weight, as that's what SparkPeople is about. Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, the writer tells his own story of what motivates him. He wants to stay healthy and alive till he reaches the old age. Why? Because his son will need a healthy father who can do almost everything. A father that he can rely on and be proud of.

Now, isn't that a good reason to live a healthy life? A good reason to motivate him throughout his life. And he is not even a father yet when the article was written. He thinks about the future his to-be-born son is going to have.

Let's imagine that you are an overweight trying to lose a few pounds per month because you want to lower your risk of health complication in your later years. You tried a lot of diets and do a lot of exercises, but the pounds and inches never seem to go away. All you feel is tired of trying and not getting any result. And you give up. Because you're doing it for yourself.

If you have someone or someone's expectation as your goal you will want to accomplish the goal by trying the best you can. Neat, huh? We don't usually let other people down because we have this sort of guilty feeling not to fulfill the expectation. We give up more easily if we fail because we can always forgive ourselves when we know that we are tired of trying, although sometimes we don't even try our best.

For those who have not set any weight or health related goal, this article is still a good read. Whenever we feel like giving up, we can always set in mind that there is at least one person counting on us and we have to try to do our best to accomplish the task.


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

i still hv few pounds to kick off

buTTerFLowEr said...

jom same2... got some kilos to shed oso... huhu~