Monday, June 4, 2007


I am going to meet a friend I had hold dearly in my heart since the past 10 years ago. I can't believe it either!

10 years seems like a very long period. I can't imagine I will be looking at her, and we will share stories we had missed from a decade ago. Somehow it sounded like a drama you watch on the TV. But it is real.

I met her when we were still small. Seven? She moved into another school at 11, following her mother's transfer to a new school near her house. And now we are both 22. And we are going to meet again!

I remembered the time we spent the days in school together. Us, the girls, plus two other boys were often seen being together. The three of them were the kids of teachers, a profession none of my parents were involved in. They were the crème de la crème, the best of the best back then in school. They always topped the top class list, and were always picked to represent the school in various competitions and quizzes and stuff. Yours Truly? I am just a follower.

After such a long time being buried in each other's memories, I managed to contact her through the cellphone number her brother gave me. It's some kinda ironic, considering the fact that I was never her brother's friend. I found his name from a networking site, and since I knew the name too well to be just a coincidence, I tried my luck. BTW, the siblings' names are rare enough, I was damn sure that I was contacting the right person.

The moment he gave me her number, I tried to contact her but she didn't reply. I thought I was wrong, but I kept the number anyway. Maybe she didn't reply because she had other matters to take care of. Maybe she had forgotten me.

I wished her Happy Birthday on May 30. I was not very sure though, so I had already planned a back-up excuse. If I had mistaken the person or the date, I would just pretend to have accidentally send the message to the wrong number. Now, who could have deny that? Hehe...

But I am lucky it turned out that the date was right. God! I still can remember her birthday after all these years!

Yesterday she called me, asking if I am free tomorrow. I said yes. She asked me if we could meet. I was so excited at that moment, I thought I was almost speechless. But I talked anyway.

10 years is a very long period. It is funny at one point. I mean, a reunion after a 10-year separation sounds like something that people do in their adult years. Well, I am 22 now, so I am an adult... But you know what I mean, right?

I always thought that a reunion made after such a long time is like a drama. Yes, I know things like this could be real, but doesn't it usually revolves around your high-school life? A high-school reunion after 10 years is not rare. I have always imagined a reunion where we can see all sorts of people our friends have become. Some will show up in big cars with the corporate look on, some will say that they had just completed their theses, some will come alone, some will attend the party with spouses - and even kids!

But here I am, trying to imagine what sort of reunion we will be having tomorrow. We are still kids (maybe she grows to be more matured than I am, but we are still young) and we still have lots of things to do. And I haven't step out of the school life yet!

Maybe she'll bring someone special to accompany her tomorrow. Hehe... I can't wait to see her.

So here's my plan for tomorrow. Right after class Zoe will give me a ride to the train station near her place, and she will pick me up from there. But I don't know yet how to get back from the station to the University. Heh... :P I guess I'll have to depend a lot on my luck for tomorrow.

I might not be posting anything tomorrow. But I'll try my best to write tomorrow and maybe I can have it posted the next morning in class.

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