Friday, June 8, 2007

Staying Awake

Hah! I can't believe it!!! I managed to get through this Computer Course without sleeping in the class. I think we should celebrate this. Hehe...

Well, actually I managed to stay awake without actually forcing myself to stay awake for the whole morning. I am not really sure why. But I thought it won't last until the end of the class, especially after a big lunch and a Magnum Almond for dessert, I thought I am surely going to sleep in the evening session.

Well, the whole evening session is spent listening to the trainer talking about job scope and opportunities available for those who passed as SAP Certified. I wasn't listening to him. Well, I only listened to him partly. Most of the time I kept my fingers busy doing the exercises I skipped earlier.

It wasn't hard to keep myself awake today. And before soon the class actually ended! The trainer decided to end the class early today. Whew... What a relief. I still have some exercises to do but my mind is already poisoning me, creating excuses and all. So here I am, writing in this blog.

It's the end of the Third Week. Two more weeks to go before the exam!!!

1 comment:

~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

at last xtdo gak
btw, enjoy ur weekend!
xlama je lagi da nk bis
pastu nnt kita g eye of malaysia yek