Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Provokasi Minda

Provoke, the way I interpret it, means evoke, or stimulate.

Mind, refers to the thinking part of the brain.

These two words are taken from a blog's title. A blog by a fellow writer I know in the College. Provokasi Minda. Translated as stimulating the mind, getting the brain working.

The blog was previously known as Membebel, translated as the act of babbling. Gibberish talk. It suited the blog well. He put his voice out in words for people to see. He would talk just about anything. And I really mean anything.

The fellow writer is a guy whom I hardly know. I am not a close friend of his. But I often have high respect of his words whenever he speaks of intellectual things. His interest is in politics. Or so it seems to me.

Unlike my blog where I frequently post personal things, most of the time on my love life, sometimes on my daily life, and rarely on more serious stuff, I can say that what made me frequented his blog regularly was because I like the way he provoked the minds with his gibberish talk. He is the type of writer that made you laugh at one point, and just about a moment later you'll be pondering at his words - you has just been slapped by an invisible hand.

"True. So true."

For many times I had agreed with his words on various stuff. It is good to read the intelligent thoughts of others. Catching on world's issues this way is actually better than just flipping the world's newspapers.

For a brainless bimbo like me, catching up with the world through the newspapers or watching the news channels/slot on TV is really tiring. I can't be bothered by the dirty politics the adults love to play. And I can't be bothered by the stirring news of a world-known major disaster that had just hit the other side of the world. I read newspaper for the comics and articles. And columnists words on just about anything. Not news. I will feel contented reading last week's newspaper piles on lifestyle articles, computer-related stuff and entertainments. Leave the dirty world behind, I don't want to know about it.

So, a news worth being commented on by this fellow writer is a news worth reading. I always feel that the news are worth digging in only if there is a good thought or debate accompanying it. Pros? Cons? That doesn't matter much. I love listening to good arguments.

To the fellow writer, I am sorry to say that I am pretty disappointed with the changes that is happening to the blog. There are rarely posts now. I understand the fact that everybody has been very busy lately doing a lot of stuff.

But what disappoint me more is the fact that the change of the blog's name from Membebel to Provokasi Minda is a mistake. OK, there's nothing wrong about changing the name. I am sorry.

The fellow writer assigned some co-writers to contribute to the blog. That is actually a nice move at that time, considering that he had left the blog without any updates for quite sometimes. And that's when the change of the name took place.

I have been watching on the changes of the blog. It was no longer the place full with mind-provoking posts. It had somehow turned into a place where the writers blurted on stuff they have in mind. It has somehow turned into multiple writers' personal blog where they post materials not really worth reading.

I respect different writers' styles. That's what makes things interesting. That what keeps columnists secure their spots in newspapers and magazines when there are also other columnists in the very same newspaper or magazine, just a couple of pages away. Writing style makes people stick to the reading material. But being too personal in a blog where things are supposed to provoke the mind into doing some useful thinking is not correct. It is right, and you have the rights to do so. But it is not correct. If you understand what I mean.

It is sad, actually. I think the blog's original name should be restored at this point. The name Membebel would suit the blog better. Provokasi Minda, is a name that would serve the old blog well. The new one should just stick with Membebel.

I am sorry to say this, but keeping this for some time is actually disturbing. And Queenie has somehow agreed with me too.

Yes, we can just stop reading Provokasi Minda and read some other blogs, hence we can stop our disappointment towards Provokasi Minda. But we'll just stick around and see. Because that's what friends are for.


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

truly agree wif u

-langkahbaru- said...

yup...fakh takde da boring.lama tak baca dia nye bebelan dulu2 yg wat aku sakit perut.huhuhu~