Monday, June 11, 2007


I went through my morning routine half an hour earlier than the usual today. My head was still aching a bit from the lack of sleep. Oh, I did snooze for half an hour. That's better than not getting some half an hour sleep, or snooze way too much, I would be late for class.

Anyway, right before I slept last night I left my computer (with a brand new hard disk drive inserted) to install the operating system. Sadly to say, I have to stick with Windows XP for the time being although I can start using Vista now. Maybe I'll create a partition just for that, later.

While I was installing the system into the new disk, I was prompted to select a partition for the system. I had my MP4 player connected to the computer because the player needed a fresh recharge. I totally forgot that the player will be detected as a disk, and the installation encountered a mysterious problem that caused the computer to restart half way while the partition was being created, so I accidentally deleted this mysterious-looking 978 MB partition detected on the system.

God! I regret doing that!!!

I woke up this morning and continued installing the operating system (I can't believe I left what seemed like a 39-minute installation stopped at the sixth minute. I fell asleep, leaving the system waiting the whole night to complete the 33-minute process). I took a shower and the installation was completed. I proceeded with installing some drivers.

I made myself a cereal drink, packed my backpack and went to class in my usual way - with the player plugged in and a bottle of cold water for me to drink on my way to class. I switched on the player, but nothing happened. I took a quick look at the screen.

Disk error.

I thought it was only a glitch of the system. I switched the thing off and on again to find the same message displayed on the screen.


It was too late to realise what I had done last night. So I went to the class without the usual 400-plus songs I carry to class everyday. *sigh* What a dull morning!

I regretted doing the act of deleting the partition mindlessly without giving it a second thought. I lost some 400+ songs and some pictures (properly converted to fit into my small player). What I feared the most was the fact that I don't have the copies of some of the songs in it. The songs had survived the disaster happened to my old hard disk. I just hoped that I had a copy of everything somewhere. *sigh*

I guess that will leave me a lot of space for new track list and things to do to fill my boring nights. Maybe I should be grateful. But I'm still hoping that I have some backup of the songs somewhere.

I guess sometimes disaster leads to self-realisation, which is good if we are not good at letting things go. I need to be positive. Yeah!

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