Friday, June 15, 2007

Cat Tricks

Who Says Cats Can't Do Tricks? Try THIS One!

Cats are always thought as dumb, attention-hunger pets with no tricks except eat and sleep and be fat. And they're very good at it.

The article suggested a way to train the animal with simple but cute trick. Yes, you can train a dog very easily, but cats are different from dogs as they rarely listen and understand you. But hey, who knows if they are really dumb or they just pretend to be like that to get your attention most of the time.

The trick the article teaches you is the loop trick. There are step-by-step instructions to make your favourite Fluff Ball learn the trick. There is no guarantee the cat can learn very fast to perform at your niece's birthday party next week, though. Keep on teaching it, one step at a time, and you will find the Fluff Ball doing the trick well. You just need to have the patient.

The comment section is also a good read. You can read on other people's cat tricks like popping bubbles and switching off the lights. And if you already have cats who can do tricks, share it with them. =(^_^)= <--- with whiskers! because we're talking cats here.

Some claimed that cats are actually good learners. And they learn fast. So, take your cat and see if you can teach it a good trick. And share the moment with everybody!

By the way, sad to say, Yours Truly doesn't own her own cat. So she won't be able to share tricks with you.

P/s - Queenie, lets get Shah and Cebet learn cool tricks! Hehe...


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

actually cats are really intelligent
take my late najmee.
she loves (or loved?) chocolates, and she knew every time i had one in my hand. and she used the toilet for her 'business'
i believe that cats can do just anything but with that, the cat just need to be unspoiled.kalau manja sgt pun, dia degil. same like children :P

p/s: shah, really love ur post bout cats!

buTTerFLowEr said...

choc addict ke ape? hik2