Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yes, yet another newsflash! Pretty quick, huh?

If you noticed the different background, great. Drop me a comment. I actually wanted a really neat white flowers/Japanese foliages-on-pink background. But I am too busy to do it myself (yeah, right!). So I turned to the next best thing - the Internet.

There were lots of pretty pictures I wish I could use, but unfortunately the flowers don't come for free. Free flowers are either way too small (and cannot be tiled without looking "out of place") or not on pink background (yup, I found some. Very disappointing).

I am not going to do major changes to the blog. At least not yet. Stick with the pink-on-pink. Way too pink? Drop me a comment. I'll revert the background to the old one (but I thought the old one is way more pink than this one). I'm sticking to pink not because I loooooooooooove pink - I am just too lazy to change my profile.

Anyway, I found way too many interesting things to blog about. But I can't do everything in one go. I'll post on various things I read online and offline (good ol' newspaper is still the best reading material) or anything I feel like posting on.

I also noticed that I have been mentioning very little on my *lalala...*. We broke up. Yes. But we are still together. I can write a lot of stuff on him, but you wouldn't want to read that. So I'm not going to do that on a frequent basis. Plus, I tell Queenie all about him and that should be enough. *sigh* I thought I could go out with him on his birthday and later have a post on it here.

Well, enough ranting for now, I guess. I'll keep on writing for as long as I can. Somehow I feel more and more tired of it. But interesting things show up every now and then, I just can't quit now.