Friday, June 22, 2007


I have been updating some of the posts. And I mean updates. I put links to some of the songs I put in here, just in case anyone would want to listen to the songs. The links are not mine. I don't upload songs for people to download. I only put the links to the files in my posts. If you want to use a download manager, feel free to drag the link to the manager. I have the link really linked to the file, not the page where you have to find the link to download the file.

For the time being, the songs with links are the Japanese song, particularly:
  • A Little Pain
  • Endless Story
  • Truth
  • Pieces

I will try to find the links for other songs too. I am also thinking of putting the video clips in my page, but embedding files into my posts is not really my stuff. I will keep my blog in text only for as long as I can. If you think I should put video links to the songs (I found quite a number of clips of the songs in YouTube), drop me a comment so I will consider the linking.

To Queenie, you should write more. Right now I can only do reviews of everything else but not my life. So it's gonna be boring. Write more, and I'll read and be happy. (^_^)

The new semester is coming. I only have two weeks to enjoy my holiday now. I will write more about life as soon as I found it.