Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I think I should be grateful somehow that the MP4 player is broken now. It still can be used, but with a very limited function - the FM radio. Thank God that thing is still working.

I have been listening to the good old music source ever since. is the one channel I listened to now. That channel still amuses me the way it did a few years ago. It's not that I don't like switching to another channel, but switching back and forth between channels is what I don't feel comfortable doing.

Other than the bubbly deejays and latest musics, I love radio channels for the fancy commercials and community service ads. It's funny listening to a random ad with weird dialogues to grab your attention. Selling product without having a visual clue of the product is hard. And radio ads may not sell as well as the TV counterparts. But hey, even if you're not selling, you fascinates the listeners! That's a sort of entertainment I always enjoy. Even the callers are cool too!

What makes a good channel to tuned in to is that they have pretty much changed from their way of playing five very same songs repeatedly in six hours just because the song is in multiple charts, to something I think I could really love. They have been playing hits from the past, which is good for me because it makes me feel like I am still listening to my song collection in the MP4 player. Yeah!!! I don't know when the changes happened actually, because I stopped listening to radio channels since I stepped into the College. I have lived on off-line music tracks since radio reception at the College is so damn poor, you'll be frustrated living with it than without it.

I listened to the rewinds of various slots they have. Some of the rewinds have already been played a few times, but they are always funny, so it's cool. It's funny to listen to the Gotcha! or any of those call-in contest where you have to come up with creative answers. They are always cool for me. A caller with creative, funny answer plus the bubbly deejays are good combos.

Did I mention about the ads? Most of them are very cool ads. And funny too. It's fun to listen to these ads, having them glued to your brain and when you feel bored you can repeat the lines and smile.

The community service ads are also cool. They always come up with funny ways to get the message across. Funny in a way, and most of the time we will ponder over the message for a while. Well, that's the point of airing the ads, isn't it?

I listen to the Visit Malaysia 2007 ads multiple times per day. They're cute and funny, they made me smile at times, especially when I am plugged to the player in the boring class. And they even have the Top 50 Best Things about Malaysia, in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th anniversary as an independent country. They have the silliest things on the list, but hey, they made Malaysia Malaysia. I mean, it is always the littlest things that give something its uniqueness.

Here's among what's on the Top 50 list:
  • What's best in Malaysia in five words: Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru.
  • Malaysia has many nasi: nasi lemak, nasi ayam, nasi pattaya, nasi paprik, nasi... (the list goes on)
  • Langkawi... Duty... Free... Mmm... Chocolates baby...
  • We invented a meal that can be enjoyed all the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper... Nasi lemak.

Well, isn't that true? I think there are more to the list than what are listed. I don't even put the whole 50 things here! That might require a 24/7 continuous listening to the radio, which I don't think I can do.

And I also love the replays of the Jessica Alba/Fantastic Four contest, the Gotcha! segments and of course, hits from the past!!! And the CD giveaway to make them laugh were funny too! (That day they tried to do one thing they never did before: on-air with sad voices, sad background melody and sad dialogues.)

Anyway, I have re-discovered the joy of listening to the radio once more. I will enjoy every moment of it for as long as I can. It's a sad thing I can't enjoy this in July. *sigh*


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

xbes lgsung xpat dgr radio @our hostel
the only chance of listenin 2 d radio is masa kua naik keta
i'm enjoying my time @ home downloading songs from d charts so that nanti sampai kat ostel feeling2 dgr radio ada lagi :P

buTTerFLowEr said...

but playlist don't have djs n callers. myb we should hv our own radio station there. hik2