Monday, June 18, 2007


I just heard about this Robocop thingy built somewhere, thanks to the newfound joy of listening to the morning radio show on The announcer said that the Robocop can do this and that, bla bla bla... You know, the Robocop thing...

If you don't know what Robocop is (God! What age are you living in?) It's a crime-busting robot (cyborg, to be exact) made from steel-bodied machine plus a very good cop's brain. He died while he was in duty.

Anyway, I don't think that the Robocop is like the real Robocop. Most probably it is just a crime-fighting machine (android?) that can capture inputs from its surrounding and take proper actions to fight the crime. Whatever thing it is, it sounds like a promising technology for the Police Department.

But what I heard from the announcer just now was the developers made a very stupid mistake not to make the Robocop waterproof. The result? The Robocop failed its first test in real environment - it was raining that day.

I can say it's a laughing stock. Come on dude, even the tiniest thing made to be kept in the pocket are now made to be waterproof. Weather-proof, to be correct. We have cellphones, digital cameras, PDAs and other mobile gadgets made to be waterproof and moisture proof. And these things are mostly kept in the pocket of the pants or have some equally water- and moisture-proof case, just to prevent "accidental" damages caused by water droplets. And they are building a huge machine to walk on earth without any protection against moisture? Haha...

They'll learn from the mistakes. There's always room for improvements. And maybe we can see the Robocop soon somewhere (most probably posted by someone over the Internet).

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