Friday, June 22, 2007

Paris in Jail

I guess by now almost everybody have heard about the spoof video clip of Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind. The spoof was made by Sean Haines and Allan Murray, with a bunch of other people and a couple of chihuahuas. It is a low-budget clip with a Paris lookalike, Amber Hay and another girl that sings with Paris-like voice, Elizabeth Intza. Paris was pictured clad in orange bikini as her uniform in the prison. The spoof also made fun of her burger commercial with her in black swimsuit and washing a car. It's plain hilarious.

The people have their creative juices flowing, and I can say that soon more people will to sing this song rather than the original Stars are Blind.

I will have to thank Queenie for putting it in her blog. Or maybe I shouldn't. The clip has a somehow addicting effect on me, I keep on playing it again and again. *sigh*

To those who are yet to join in the fun of making fun of Paris, here is the YouTube link to the clip. No, I'm not going to put the clip in my blog.

And here's the lyrics, if you want to sing along.

I don't mind being confined
To LA State Prison
'Cause I would drive with DUI's
I caused some collisions

They tell me now that my appeal has been denied
and that this sentence is now bona-fide
How 'bout a jail that won't insult my civic pride
Like somewhere on the Upper West Side
with a water slide... ohhh noooo

Even though they say I'm shady
I'm really so refined
I need a cleaning lady
I can't do time...
Robert Blake and OJ SIMPSON
They both get off scott free
I drive without a license
They throw the book right at me
It sucks to the highest degree
Hahh, ahhhhh... Hahh, ahhhhh

I went ape, on a sex tape
The guys all went ga-ga
Now I, must make, my jail escape
I miss my Chihuahua

My friend Nicole drove down that freeway the wrong way
She'll probably get parole and float away
Because she weighs, Zeroooooo

Even though I got the glamour
Even though my clothes are fab
They throw me in the slammer
Britney gets re-hab.

They put me in the big house
Sounds like a movie pitch
Heiress goes up the river
Ends up as somebody's bitch
They can't do this to me, I'm rich
Hahh, ahhhhh... Hahh, ahhhhh

And now I am digging a ditch
Hahh, ahhhhh... Hahh, ahhhhh

My roomate's a woman named Mitch!

P/s - I was right about people liking this song more than the original. Hehe...

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~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

whoa u really r productive in writing blog lately

btw, after i heard 'paris in jail' mmg nyanyi dengan corrupted version.
best gile!