Friday, June 29, 2007

Anything... Whatever...

I came across this post on a blog while i was surfing the Internet. I was on a quest of searching for the most reliable free online SMS service that doesn't require the recipient to be a member of the same service I am considering to use. *sigh*

The reality of not having money when you need it the most bites me now. Knowing at the back of my mind that I have my money stashed in someone else's pocket somewhere (with an amount of money that I can buy a phone exactly like the one I just lost) pinches me on the cheek hard. And the fact that the people aforementioned won't be able to give me the money right now when I really need it and can only give it when I already have some money in my wallet doesn't help much. No, the sum of the money is not all that huge. And I only use cheap phone. No colour-screen, no MP3, no camera, no 3G.

Back to the post. My days are full of craps lately and I don't feel like giving any kind of response to anybody. Maybe the things shown on the post could really help me somehow. At least I don't have to make any specific decision on my drinks and I won't get scold for not helping of giving anything specific in mind because the things really exist.

P/s - the stuff are known to be sold in Singapore. I haven't seen them yet. Maybe someday it will hit the shelves. Maybe...

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noul said...

hahaha can u get me a can of anything?
so cute la the drink ;P