Tuesday, June 19, 2007

... and Counting

I realised that I have been counting calories lately. I count almost everything I eat. I read labels and do calculations in my head (I am not good at Maths, I round things up before multiplying).

I am not on a diet. I eat. And I eat a lot. I just count. I count for no particular reason.

Most probably what I am doing have something to do with this thing in my head. I need to lose a little weight. I am now scaled at the overweight weight range. That is not good for my health. And I am not talking about my physical size.

I have been this way for quite some time now. I am not so sure what benefit does this counting bring me. But at least I now mind what I eat. I noticed that I tried to reduce my sugary treats and enjoy chocolate milk more than milk chocolate. I have to think twice to eat junk food just so I won't go overboard with my calorie intake.

Maybe it is actually good for me to keep track of what I am eating. I still eat junk food, but the amount has somehow decreased compared to what I always have before.

Am I going overboard with this calorie-counting thingy? I don't know. You tell me. I need feedbacks from you. Tell me if it's doing me good or bad.

Well, personally I don't think I have gone overboard with this thing. I count whatever thing I can, but most of the time I can't count every little thing. I can just make approximate calculation of what I have consumed for the day. And I will let some slips in between for my sweet-tooth cravings.

My recommended calorie intake is around 1200 to 1500 kcal per day. And I try my best to keep my daily intake within the recommended range. Hitting 1200 is not hard. What is even harder is to not exceed 1500 most of the time. I can still forgive myself for going up to 1700 (chocolate...) but hitting 2000 is way too much, don't you think?

I will keep on counting until... Ermm... Until I feel tired of counting. I hate Maths and I hate doing calculations. But I will give this a try until I feel very sick of it. And I mean really sick of it. I'll think of it as a hobby. As long as I am interested in it I will keep on doing it. And I hope it is good for me. I don't want to be a calorie-counting addict who refuses to eat anything. I don't want to be anorexic.

Anyway, to those who are thinking of doing the same (calorie counting plus calorie cutting, I mean) don't do it by yourself. Get a recommendation on how much calorie you should take daily. Don't just jump into the pool thinking it's good for everybody. You'll end up damaging your body or even gain more weight by eating below your calorie need.

To those who feel I should eat more, drop me some comments. I welcome constructing feedbacks. Thanks. (^_^)

P/s - Queenie. Eat.


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

i think u should lessen ur junk food intake. other than that, ur eating habbit seems not to be a problem since u eat vegetables a LOT.huhu

buTTerFLowEr said...

huhu~ tp junk food sgt best... (-_-)

~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

degil ek?
cubet nak?

buTTerFLowEr said...

xmo laa cubit... huhu~