Monday, June 4, 2007

The Third Week

Today is the first day of the Third Week of the course. We have a new trainer today. Jeffrey. He's kinda funny. He talks on not-very-speedy mode, which is good for us. And his English is better than PC. Except for the fact that he sounded like he has twisted his tongue somehow when he pronounces words with the letter "R". Heh...

I still had the sleepy moments in today's class. *sigh* I thought I would change when the trainer changes, but I guess it is actually expected. I know I can't last more than a couple of hours sitting in the class.

But today I managed to stay awake in the second half of the day. Come on, after lunch and not sleeping. It's like I just created a record!!!

My mind still drifts for some multiple moments throughout the class. But at least I knew that I was awake. Hehe... Anyway, I tried a lot of methods just to stay awake in the class and today I tried to be active (yeah, right!) in the class by doing some physical activities.

I moved my feet for quite some time throughout the afternoon.

Can that be considered as a type of physical activities? I did move my feet... I just hoped that nobody actually noticed me moving my legs wildly under the desk. But doing that was pretty tiring. But if that can be counted as a physical activity, then I can hit two birds with one stone - staying awake and burning some calories so I can shed pounds faster. Haha...

Back to the class.

The trainer was described by PC last week as the "Walking ABAP Dictionary". Well, he seemed to live up to that name because he seemed like a real pro in the class. He is good in explaining stuff and he made very little mistakes when he wrote the demo program in front of us. And he did it in a very short time! His typing skill is something I can describe as "Whoa..."

He is also a funny guy. He made the whole class laugh most of the time. He said about hands getting shorter to those who didn't raise their hands for either answers of his two-answers-questions. That includes me. Huhu~ He also said that we were not supposed to look at the solution for Exercise 2, because he will poke his pen at our eyes if we do, and because if we did he said most probably we will only copy the answer without really knowing what exactly the whole thing is about. And he also told us not to look at the solutions of the Exercises without reading the questions or else we will be able to complete the Exercises but we won't understand what the Exercise really asked us to do.

The answer is 37.

Now, what's with 37? Well, that's his point. He gave us the answer - 37, but he didn't gave us the question. He might ask us the answer again some time in this week, so we will need to keep the answer in mind. 37.

The training materials are like the usual - 500-or-so pages to be completed in 5 days, or 4, if the last day were to be used to revise everything. This time the module consists of 8 units, but Jeffrey said we only have to complete the first 6. 6 seems like a small number, considering that the previous modules consists of more than 10 units. But I guess the modules are just being arranged to fit in small numbers of units, but the whole stuff are going to consume a lot of time to be completed (with no guarantee to be digested by my brain!)

Anyway, I'm hoping for the best for the next classes. I can feel the butterflies in my tummy. I just hope that I can pass the test (the passing mark is 70%). Staying here spending my time and money (and sleep) not getting anything at the end would be a total waste. But I guess not taking the chance of fully-sponsored $ 30k worth of course fee is a far greater waste.

I need to be strong! I need to be strong! I need to be strong!!!

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