Thursday, June 14, 2007


Solve Problems with a Positive Attitude!

I read with interest this short article explaining about the misbehaviours of cats. Most of the time cat keepers find themselves scratching their heads, watching the scratches made by their beloved cats to the brand new sofa - just like the previous sets of sofas they have had.

"Baaaad caaaaaaaat!"

That will never work on cats. It only works on dogs. Are cats really that ignorant? Who knows? We are not cats, and cats can't talk and we can never understand them.

Cats are pretty much like babies. They cry and cry and you try and try to make them shut up by giving them pretty much everything. And I mean everything! They made fuss and they will only stop after they get what they want. And we don't know what they want. And so we try with everything possible.

Cats are portrayed in cartoons as some kind of devils, and dogs are the angel. I guess we can tell why. Dogs are always loyal and they listen to you and fetch things for you. Cats are the total opposite, always demanding loyalty treats as a token of loyalty, make us listen to them and fetch them everything they need.

Are cats really that bad? Well, according to the article, cats will make fuss over the littlest things because they are not comfortable with whatever thing they are having or doing naturally. And they are behaving badly because they find the next best choice to what they really want - your furnitures.

Cats clawing at your favourite sofa? Get a scratching post for them, and make sure it's a good one. Cats littering outside the box? Change the litter sand regularly. Or better, teach them to go to the loo!

Keeping a cat that constantly make a lot of mess despite the many times you tell them not to is very hard. Cats are attention-demanding creatures. You have to give them things to satisfy their needs to save your furnitures from disasters. You are already prepared for that, aren't you?

So, whatever problem you have with the cats, make sure you look for the littlest things first. That might be just the very reason your cats are misbehaving. Change whatever necessary, and you'll have a happy cat that won't create to many fuss or damages over your stuff anymore.


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

i love cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

buTTerFLowEr said...

my sis didn't know i love petting cats. i do. i just don't do it much (tu yg nmpk mcm takut kucing)