Thursday, June 21, 2007


by Yuna Ito [Reira]

Let me stay with you
Kizutsuke au no ni
Naze konna ni motomete shimau no
Don’t you know my heart ?
Sunao ni narezu ni ita no
Tada hitotsu no ai ga hoshii no ni

Meguriaeta kiseki wo shinjite
Kanadete yukitai anata e no melody
Moshi mo subete wo nakushite shimatte mo
Kono omoi wa eien na no
It’s my truth

Believe in yourself
Tsumazuita toki mo
Aruitekita namida wo nugutte
Open up your heart, omoide no saki ni kitto
Ashita to iu kibou ga aru kara

Give me your loneliness
And I’ll give you my tenderness
Wasurenai de ite ano hi mita yume wa
Hanareteite mo kono mune ni itsudemo
Kanjite iru anata dake wo
It’s my truth

Tsunagaru hoshi ga sasayaki kakeru
Tomadou kokoro wo te ga shinagara
Deai to wakere hito wa sagasu no
Itsuka musubi aeru tsuyoi kizuna wa

Sekaijuu no kanashimi mo subete
Uketomete mo ii anata no tamenara
Sekaijuu kara okizari ni sarete mo
Sono hitomi wo shinjite iru
It’s my truth

English Translation

Let me stay with you even if it hurts both of us
Why must I always demand so much
Don’t you know my heart could never stay put
There’s simply only one love I want

Believing in miracles we can come across
I go on playing a melody for you
Even if I end up losing everything
This feeling is forever, It’s my truth

Believe in yourself even when you stumble
Wipe your tears as you walk on
Open up your heart beyond the memories, surely
There is a hope we call tomorrow

Give me your loneliness
and I’ll give you my tenderness
Don’t forget the dream we saw that day
Even if we’re separated, in this heart
I will feel you forever, It’s my truth

Your whisper reaches the scattered stars
Illuminating my confused heart
In every encounter and farewell, what people search for is
This strong bond that will unite them someday

All the sadness throughout the world
If it’s for you, I can take it all in
Even if the whole world deserts me
I believe in those eyes, It’s my truth


Another song by Yuna Ito. Many say the song is better than Endless Story. My opinion? Not very.

From the lyrics, yes, it's a strong song with lots of sadness to move one's heart. But I can't feel the song the way I can with Endless Story. Maybe I just need to listen to it more often. But a good song meant to be a sad love song doesn't have to take a lot of time to wrap me in my own personal space - the invisible bubble walls.

The song is included in Nana 2 (Live-Action Movie). I haven't watch the second movie yet. According to some people, the second movie is not as successful as the first one.

Pardon me if I am being very cynic about this, but the first movie is a success only because people are waiting for real-life Nanas (sounds weird. OK. Nana and Hachi) to spring up in the silver screen.

Oh. I am being too harsh, wasn't I? Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. If I am right then the second movie's success went down the drain is expected.

Watching the movie after watching the anime is actually disappointing. While most of the time the story revolves around Hachi (if you ever notice it is almost always about Hachi and Nana is just a strong character but lack of stories) up until they came to the point where they managed to get Nana and Ren to meet. And after that too. But the story in the movie is always about Nana. Hachi is just a character with very little stories to tell.

I guess Nana is a character more favoured than Hachi. But selling the story as Nana's story is not very right. It spoiled the whole feeling of 'the story about two people with same names but different personalities who found friendship in the most awkward situations', just because it's all about Nana.

OK. Back to Truth. I will have to see the movie first before I can comment more about it, since it failed to create the bubble walls around me, although I have been listening to the song repeatedly for like tens of times now. And every now and then I have this walls formed around me, transporting me to some other space, because I have the player to play both Truth and Endless Story repeatedly. And you guessed it right. The walls come from Endless Story. Heh...

If I get to watch Nana 2 and find this song, Truth, moving me, I will write about it in one of my coming posts. (^_^)

You can get the song here. If the link somehow doesn't seem to work, try again. Heh...

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