Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fixed... Finally...

Finally I got my MP4 player fixed. How? Well, the player is not totally broken. I just had the partition deleted accidentally. All I have to do is to re-create the partition on the drive.

Sounds simple, huh? Not really. The player can be detected by the computer only if it is switched on. The problem is, when it is switched on, the write-protect mechanism will kick in and I can't do anything about it.

I had tried tens of times to format the disk but failed. I thought I was using tools that are not good enough for the task. Not until I have tried practically everything I can get my hands on. I only noticed about the write-protect thing when I used one of the tools I downloaded. I even put my hopes on demo versions of tools just to try my luck on getting the thing fixed.

I tried to turn off the write-protect by disabling the device, but right after I did that the device is not detected by the computer and I was left in agony and rage, trying to figure out how to get the whole thing works.

Well, even if things won't work the way I want them to, I still can be happy over it. I will have a reason to buy another player. I had been eyeing on an MP3 player. Yup, MP3. No video. Works on AAA battery. Why would I want to downgrade my gadgets? Well, I rarely have video clips to watch on-the-go. I only listen to the songs. And AAA batteries are more practical than rechargable built-in battery. I can always keep some spare batteries for a long, boring journey. I think four rechargable AAA batteries will last for a couple of days, and I can always buy the alkalines at practically any shop. No more worries of not being able to listen to the songs or the radio for 6 hours straight.

Back to the player's story. Something just hit me last night. I was browsing my computer mindlessly, still trying to get my plan worked out - turn off the write-protect mechanism and create and format the partition. I didn't really know what actually happened when I decided to usetry my luck through the Administration Tools.

Long story short, after a few failed attempts I finally managed to disable the device without having it turned off. And yes, I managed to re-create the partition. Fingers crossed, I was hoping that nothing went wrong as the whole thing was running. In minutes everything was completed. And I don't even have to use any highly priced software (or the demo version). And I thought Microsoft Windows are not very capable of doing anything much without having to use all sorts of additional software. Haha...

(Well, actually I just need the device turned off, and that is controlled by the Operating System, so in this case Windows looks like a hero since nothing else can have the access to turn off the write-protect thingy.)

So, the player is working like it used to do now. I was thinking of re-flashing the firmware. But first I will have to find a compatible firmware first. And that will take some time. But it doesn't really matter. The player is working fine, and that's enough.

But now I have no reason to spend my money on another player. Huhu~


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

yosh..save d money for pulau
pulau pulau (+_+)"

buTTerFLowEr said...

hehe... pulau $ lain... lgpn casing hdd prob. nk g tuka