Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1 Year Old

Happy New Year to all... My baby is now one year old.

Let's look at what the blog has been in its first year of life. Hmm... I took blogging as a hobby. The main reason it exists is because Queenie thought it would be fun. We both wrote together. And I thought I was going to quit soon after my first post.

Someone commented about my baby being too shallow, filled with all the crappy dramas of my *lalala...* and so I quit writing about it for a while.

I was also assigned as a contributor for My Endless Story. A wiki site. It was somewhat funny. The owner actually quit managing the page not long after she published it. Maybe I was the only one who actually check on it once in a while. It was a total flop. Probably she had the "posting fever" hitting her when she started the whole thing. Maybe it was some kind of peer pressure, seeing people around her owning and managing blogs and posting interesting stuff for people to see.

I don't write much on breaks. Life is pretty much boring when you are not in the school/school-like environment. I practically fill my time at home sleeping. That is one very strong reason why I don't write much on breaks.

I still have some drafts in my posting list. I don't know when I can have all of them posted. But I don't find it necessary. There are tons of new things waiting. Who cares about the past?

Oh. And now I am announcing the arrival of my other baby. Not in English, not filled with stories of my *lalala...* and not pink. And not a Blogspot. Already filled with occasional posts. Usually written when I find things annoying. It is still evolving.


aneth said...

Hey, hai.
Thanks for the 'Kudos'.
Anyway, how you know me and my blog? Do i know you or something? It's been a questions in my head.. haha.

Anyway, yours is sad case. Hehe. You should come early as MCR is, what? THE HOTTEST BAND ON EARTH???!!! ahaks. I came early like 2 hours before (also stood in the rain)...well, you read my post about the concert right? So, i no need to cerita again. hehe.

Your friend want the pix? Well, no sweat for me though. But, out of 35 pixxied i took, the nice pix only about 15 (the pix that you looked at are few of them). They are not too good quality. It was shaking and blur because i took with a camera phone. But, if you insist to get them, give me your/your friend's email address. Better send you via mail cuz...easier.

So, anyway, nice to meet you. Hope you are doing good and keep in touch.'

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.