Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally It's Over

The whole hectic weeks of FYP, thesis and stuff is finally over. I just need a few more days to complete the little things and THEN I'm off from this whole thing. Makes me consider my options of furthering my studies. I don't think I want to go through the hassles all over again. Then again I found some sample thesis from a university and everything looks not as complicated as ours. Makes me wonder if things are actually a lot simpler than what the Faculty wants it to be.

I printed my thesis (3 copies of it) just to realise that some formatting error happened. I was tired with the whole editing things (I spent some days scrolling up and down the text just to make sure everything is OK and STILL, the final, printed version came up with errors that left me in horror). I also ran out of time so whatever will be will be. Nobody is going to read that junk anyway.

I was required to write a report on my project (after the whole thesis thingy is over) but my head is still cluttered as I am typing this. I was supposed to hand it over together with some other stuff today. Heck. How am I supposed to submit something I haven't even write?

I searched for some sample reports yesterday. Was hoping to find something that can help me understand what I need to write. Summarizing stuff is my weakness since years ago in school. I always failed in summarizing texts or graphs or whatever stuff that was needed to be summarized. And now I have to summarize my thesis.

Anyway, I found this cool stuff. SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator. A totally cool stuff. It will amuse you with all the stuff you don't understand. Complete with a long list of references and figures and graphs too. And you haven't come to the best part yet. Some papers generated by SCIgen were accepted as some real work. How cool is that? Too bad I found the link late. That thing is dated years ago. But still, it amuses me.

And after hours (it's almost sunrise of the new day) I still haven't got a clue on what to write for the report. Hmm...

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