Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Play A Game and Feed A Guy

Or a girl. A child. A mom. A dad. A grandpa or a grandma. A nobody. Anybody.

I stumbled upon a site that is fun and rewarding at the same time. At least for people who enjoy testing their vocabulary.

FreeRice is a site where you play vocabulary game by picking the correct answer to each of the word given. If you answer correctly you will get a harder word next. If you fail to do so, you will be given an easier one. Each correct answer will add 20 rice grains to your bowl. Wrong answers will not be penalised.

20 grains of rice is a small amount you say? Multiple that with 20 correct answer and you can feed a person a meal. Scoring 20 questions right is not at all difficult. As I am writing this post now I have been clicking on more words than my usual. Mindlessly. Guess what? I hit my second 2000-grains-a-day record in a week. (^_^)

This is actually fun. Seriously. And good too. This is serious game of gaining rice for donation. The rice will be donated to UN World Food Program to help combating hunger. 20 grains of rice is a lot better than nothing at all, so even if you hit one and only one correct answer, that is good enough. Really.

So how do these people managed to donate rice? And why do you need to play the game to donate some 20 grains of rice? At the bottom of the screen there is a banner rotator where the people running the site will be paid for each displayed banner. When you choose an answer, the screen refreshes, the ad changes and ka-ching. The site gets paid and they use the money to buy rice. Simple.

So play this game and do some good. (^_^)

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