Friday, April 18, 2008

YouTube and You

I watched a few laughing babies videos (plus some cool talents) just now. It was great. I haven't laugh like this for quite a while. I think I just hurt my jaws grinning.

Well, something hit me. No, it wasn't a ghost. Just a thought.

All these videos on the Internet. People are putting videos of their babies so other people will watch and laugh. It's like America's Funniest Home Video - minus the cash for winning the title. The babies will be an instant star.

Imagine when the babies are all grown up. And they discovered that their baby videos are all over the Internet for people to see. And the videos show how they made face in front of the camera.

"Mom! You did that?"

"It was nothing honey."

"That is embarrassing."

"Nobody knows it was you."

"But still..."

This is like when your boyfriend is coming over and your parents show all your pictures. How silly you looked like. How ugly you looked like when Daddy didn't buy the present you want. How weird you look like as a baby. But with motion and sound included. And sometimes a theme song.

"That was you?"

"Ermm... Well... Yeah."

"Haha... I laughed at that video some few months ago. It was on YouTube. I never thought it was you."


Embarassing moments are to be shared. What a good laugh is for if the world can't have it? Mommies and Daddies, bring the video cams wherever you go. Or at least have your camera phone ready (with lots of space for videos!) and embarrass your children when the time comes.


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