Saturday, October 27, 2007


I was washing the dishes when I remembered the time when Paris was blabbing about Dad, on how she had to buy a lot of stuff using her own money and Dad never actually spend anything for the home.

She went on babbling about the almost empty bottle of liquid dishwasher. The liquid could only last a few washes, maybe a couple of cups and some not-heavily-stained plates, and the forks and spoons in the sink, waiting to be washed. The pans and pots might have to wait.

She went on and on, from one thing to another, wasting her energy complaining about everything while her hands grabbing the bottle and squirting the content onto a sponge. She washed her used cup while I waited for my turn - without her stopping even for a second on pouring her thoughts out loudly.

She finished her babbling when she was done with the washing. She turned off the tap and put her cup back on the dish rack.

I took the sponge to wash my coffee mug and the dishes left in the sink. And there was no more liquid dishwasher left for me. And no foam left on the sponge.

And she was complaining about the liquid dishwasher!

God, I hate her! She should have use just a little of it. But she squirted all of the remaining liquid to was her bl**ping cup and left none for the remaining dishes. If she let me wash them first I could have wash every plates, cups, spoons and forks in the sink and still leave some for her to bathe the bl**ping cup with bubbles.

My experience living in hostels for so long really paid off. The dishes got bubble bath too - with the bubbles coming from the teaspoon of detergent powder I dissolved in a small bowl of water. That should do the cleaning job well.

Back to reality, I was in the hostel, with some oily dishes to wash, and some paste dishwasher. God, I really am lucky to be here, with no one to complain about some stupid dishwasher for some time that sounds like forever. Even if we run out of the paste, we will always be cool with washing dishes with detergents.

Paris should learn about adapting.

And shut the bl**p up!


noul said...

guna sabun baso baju suda...

buTTerFLowEr said...

tu la psl. die bebel2 tp die yg abiskn sabun. ade la arnd 2 sudu bsr gak die squirt kat sponge tu, basuh 1 cawan je. mengong. xleh dok hostel :P