Thursday, November 1, 2007


Do you believe in luck?

Me? Seriously I would admit that I don't know whether to believe it or not. I mean, come on. You can't rely on luck alone. Most of the time it won't work.

I had a chat with Queenie last night, while we were having our cups of yoghurt. I told her about my *lalala...*, and how he was treated unfairly by his friends. He asked some of them to put his name on the lists of interview candidates (there were two places seeking for interns) and they only put his on one. How unfair! And should I mention that the place they didn't put his name on was the bigger one?

The hypothesis I came up with was: The friends feared that he would get the place and they would have to make do with what is left for them. On the other hand, if I want to think positively, I would come up with this: They forgot to put his name on the other list. That's better than they totally forgot to put his on both.

It's hard to believe that they would do something like the first hypothesis. I knew some of them before I knew my *lalala...*, and although I don't know who are the ones responsible for this, it is still hard form me to believe.

Whatever reasons they have, I just want them to reconsider luck as a factor. Yes, my *lalala...* get good grades most of the time, but he always have tough luck on his side. He is one guy I know to have most of his life being unlucky.

Queenie and I had a talk on luck. Like me, she also doesn't know whether to believe in luck. But I can say that we are more on the luckier side, compared to my *lalala...*. At times, we don't have to put much effort on something to get it worked well. And at times, we don't even have to do anything at all!

Putting myself in my *lalala...*'s shoes, I felt the anger and sadness. And he was doing his best not to keep it from hurting him from inside, and hurting his friendship as well.

I felt great having a short chat with Queenie. Just the two of us. Some things are not to be talked when others are around. But sometimes I think I burden people a lot when I talk about something to someone. Maybe I should keep them to myself next time.

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noul said...

just spit it out if u reli wanna say bout something, things sometimes are better said to others than keeping it 2 urself. dun worry, u can count on me whenever u feel like talking