Thursday, November 15, 2007

We are Crazy People (I)

It has been long since the last time I wrote about the ups and downs of my relationship with my *lalala...*. Guess what, people? We are still standing strong.

It has been a crazy week, or I should say a crazy month. Or maybe a crazy semester. And definitely a crazy year. The numbers of ups and downs has been stably on the low level for months this year with some occasional arguments followed by kiss (not literally)-and-make ups. Oh, yeah, most of the time we are on the 'downs' of the relationship.

For the past couple of months things are going better than I expected. I mean, things go really well for the past few week; I would have regret the whole idea of forgetting him and starting anew with some stranger-turn-friend-but-still-a-stranger-in-many-ways. Make that twice.

This week alone my *lalala...* and I had lots of things going on. Mostly because he is jealous knowing that I hang out around boys a lot. And in some cases with no girls accompanying me. And he is especially jealous knowing that I go out with this particular guy. I admit that I go out with that guy, but with reasonable reasons. And I'm not flirting with anybody. I wish he could understand that.

Just last night we had some bizarre situations. One moment we were texting happily, and the next we had this fight. And it was no ordinary fight. He revealed the skeletons I tried to forget in my closet, and he also revealed his. All this while I thought he accepted me for what I am, and last night he shocked me with the truth. He is somewhat tired of pretending that nothing bad has ever happened to me. I was disturbed by it. But I was also glad he let it out before things become more and more complicated for the both of us. As if our relationship is not complicated enough.

It's good to know that we both wanted to forget about the whole thing fast - and forever. Two hours are long enough to leave a big bad scar on our relationship; and we were glad it was over. We jumped back onto the happy track, trying to forget what had happened a moment before. I'm glad he fell for me - and forgave me - easily last night. Waking up with an ache in your heart and your head is not good, especially for him. Oh, did I tell you he's having his final exam paper today? And the argument we had messed with his head for a while (I truly regret that part).

We are two crazy people in a crazy relationship. There are more bumpy roads ahead of us. Maybe last night's incident was only one of the smallest one in store for us. Oh, well. We'll see how far we can go. Wish us luck.

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